5 Asian luxurious trend manufacturers are set to make waves within the trade this 12 months

From Gucci to Valentino, from Tom Ford to Prada, there are few things better than a new wardrobe from one of your favorite luxury designers – and one of the best fashion houses in the world. Names that have become synonymous with style, quality and all-round opulence over the years are beyond question that they deserve a place on your capsule rail for 2021 – but why not broaden your horizons this year and look outside the usual European and American bubble for your fashion inspiration?

Asia has long influenced the fashion world with its edgy and up-and-coming style, but this year we can expect some of the continent’s biggest names to make waves on the catwalk, transforming high-end wardrobes around the world.

If you’re wondering how far French or Italian design can go, or what new trends the biggest London names might pull out of their pockets next, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this alternative port of call.

Models and celebrities have championed emerging Asian fashion brands in recent years. Gigi Hadid saw the South Korean label Rokh and Rihanna walk the coveted Met Gala carpet in a breathtaking yellow dress by Chinese designer Guo Pei – and as the paradigm in the fashion world continues to change. If you’re not there yet, it’s time to update yourself.

If you don’t already know your Asian designers of one another, look no further, because we’ve rounded up five of the biggest names to keep an eye on for the next twelve months and beyond – your wardrobe can thank us later.


Screenshot from rokh.net

As mentioned earlier, model Gigi Hadid is no stranger to the beautiful designs from South Korean label Rokh, and this up and coming Tok Hwang brand has since caught the attention of the industry for all the right reasons. With its slit sleeves, exaggerated hemline, and unique twisted seams, it’s a brand that doesn’t cut anything in half, but despite its daring, it has captured the hearts of fashionistas around the world with its casual designs that are as chic as they are sophisticated.


Screenshot from sretsis.com

Quirky yet edgy with their one-of-a-kind slogan t-shirts and vibrant cherry-print jackets, Thai brand Sretsis is fast becoming a favorite among those looking to infuse that traditional Asian individuality into their clothing – with celebrities like Katy Perry and Beyonce saw him jump on board.

Under the direction of designer Pim Sukhahuta, who studied at the renowned Parsons School of Design in New York, this exciting line of womenswear is all about the idea of ​​partying. With their bold polka dot patterns, whimsical floral patterns and playful shapes, you’ll want to add at least a few Sretsis pieces to your wardrobe this year.

Salwar Kameez

Screenshot from salwarkameez.co.uk

The global platform Salwar Kameez is geared to offer unique and beautiful clothes to its ethnic customers and takes inspiration from Eastern beauties, Pakistani brands and famous people from around the world.

This online shop brings together beautifully designed, high-quality clothing items for women, men and children and offers a wide range of colorful key elements for your wardrobe. The Salwar Kameez website has seen a surge in traffic and searches over the past year, so it’s not hard to see why.

Our dream

Screenshot from mimpikita.com.my

The Malaysian fashion house Mimpi Kita – which means “our dreams” in the local language – is a brand that prides itself on promoting individuality and unique clothing. The Zulkifli sisters – the minds behind the project – produce beautiful handcrafted clothing that matches their own penchant for casual luxury. Fabrics are of the highest quality – and it shows. The bridal collection from Mimpi Kita is a special highlight of the brand offer. Sensational clothes and accessories enjoy great popularity worldwide.

Lantern sense

Screenshot from Lantern Sense Instagram page

Hong Kong is known for its quirky fashion scene and brands like Lantern Sens continue to fly the flag. With designers Trevor Ng and Lala Yang at the helm, the brand takes inspiration from art and photography to create a clean and sophisticated contemporary collection that sets it apart from the other more daring Asian brands on this list – and that’s all part of it its attraction. Modern, innovative and a projection of their multicultural heritage. This brand feels extremely opulent – and that’s a good thing because that’s exactly what it is.

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