5 high ideas for a trendy Valentine’s Day meal at house

Valentine’s Day, like most other celebrations in the past 12 months, will be a little different this year. But different can be a positive thing. Especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Creating something special for your loved one at home will only add to the thoughtfulness and romance of the occasion. But making sure your plans bring that luxury with them is the challenge. So we caught up with Liz Taylor, Luxury Events Planner at Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC), who shared her five tips for having a super stylish Valentine’s Day meal at home.

Picnic for two

On a splendid carpet in front of a fireplace or on a roof under the stars – it’s the perfect moment to think outside the box on this annual romantic occasion. Winter is all about cozy blankets and soft textures. Outdoor heaters or large fire pits are the perfect picnic backdrop with the flickering of a candle shining through an abundance of storm glasses. Fill retro bottles with hot soup and go traditional with rustic handmade cakes, smoked salmon finger sandwiches, a selection of cheeses with delicious figs and, for those with a sweet tooth, miniature cakes. Add quality ready-made cocktails or bottles of chilled Pink Fizz and don’t forget about the playlist.

Table for two

Recreate the ambience of a fine dining restaurant at home. Start the night with canapés, cocktails and the gentle sounds of seduction. Dim the lights, decorate the table and treat yourself to fresh flowers, candles and hand-picked dishes. Remember – we eat with our eyes and the stage is just as important as the play. But neither of you want to be tied to the kitchen, so pick this number and order your favorite take-out. And I don’t mean fish and chips! So be selective, choose your wines and consider it a love work.

Chocolate is a well-known aphrodisiac. So choose strawberries dipped in chocolate, chocolate bombs, and truffles

I am the sweet one

Skip the net and go straight to dessert! All of your favorite sweets to choose from. Chocolate is a well-known aphrodisiac. So choose strawberries dipped in chocolate, chocolate bombs, and truffles. This idea is all about presentation. So make sure it looks as good as it tastes. Glass and colored plates on boxes covered with red velvet create different heights that are easy on the eye. Make sure all chocolate treats are bite-sized, and if the budget allows the luxury of a chocolate fountain, go for it! And think about the finishing touches – lovely handwritten signs that tell what each dessert is. With a chocolate martini – it’s death by chocolate!

Japanese dining experience

Eastern influence food is very popular, but ironically, one way to enhance a Japanese dining experience is to have it all presented on a beautiful traditional dining table. Eating in this way creates a very relaxed atmosphere and takes your Japanese feast to the next level. Order fresh sushi platters, miso soup or yakatori, take off your shoes, fill your bento box or bamboo basket and relax on the floor in real Asian style. A little sake or Japanese whiskey (which can be ordered online and is growing in popularity), KANPAI!

Create a romantic ambience with scented candles and fresh flowers

Memories are made of this

Nothing is more romantic than arranging a special day that reconstructs your first date together. If it was dinner then cook your favorite meal or order from that particular restaurant. Try to recreate the particular scene exactly as you remember it – the decor, the ambience, what you both remember. Songs are up there in the jukebox of memories, they tell a story of the event that will always make you smile. Dress accordingly and place a lot of small photos in the room of the night that you will never forget. Think of every little detail and it will recreate the most memorable evening.

Fact box

Liz Taylor is the founder and CEO of Taylor Lynn Corporation, a renowned event management company with an enviable customer base. From sports personalities to movie and television stars, music icons to discerning couples, blue chip business giants to royal guests, Liz has created some of the UK’s most successful and memorable weddings, private and corporate events.

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