5 steps to creating the look of an eye fixed raise with make-up, in response to a MUA

No matter how old you are, tired eyes are something everyone struggles with. Whether it’s aging, scrolling too late on our phones, or a long drive, your eyes can droop and appear sleepy. While injections and laser treatments are viable ways to achieve an eye lift, we can help our eyes look more alert and toned without doing anything too drastic. We spoke to makeup artist Saffron Hughes at FalseEyelashes.co.uk, who explains how to use simple makeup techniques to create the look of an eye lift.

Accentuate and arch the brows

A well arched brow can do wonders in making a face look more alert. Your brows frame your entire face so that raised brows create a raised look. If your browbones are shorter than they should be, straighten them outward instead of arching them too much to avoid looking tired. Go for a subtle, natural arch to the brows that looks amazing without significant shaping. To figure out where your arch should be, pull a brow pencil from the side of your nostril at an angle towards the center of your eye. This is exactly where your bow should be shaped. Fuller brows are also great for attracting attention, but don’t overdo it!

Save yourself the hassle of an eye lift with simple makeup techniques

Neutralize the base

Finding the right eyeshadow base is crucial to creating a fake eye lift. Whether primer or concealer, the formula should be wrinkle-free, neutralize the eyelid tone and emphasize the eyeshadow colors. Just apply the eyeshadow base and set it with a neutral eyeshadow to create a blank canvas for your makeup. Opt for cream formulas for your base and your eyeshadow, as these tend to last a long time.

Hide and outline the eyes

Concealer, contour and mascara – with these three makeup bags anyone can fake an eye lift. First apply concealer under the brow arch and then on the outer corner of the eye. These are shaded spots, of course, so hiding and neutralizing darkness creates an upscale appearance here. Take some brown eyeshadow to contour, follow your crease and brush it outward for a blended, winged effect. This will add depth to your eyes without pulling them down. Finish using mascara to lift your lashes and create an alert, youthful look.

Focus on your brows, eyelashes, and some clever makeup tricks to make your eyes shine

Use highlighters strategically

Not only does highlighter bring your cheekbones to life, it’s also one of the best tricks for faking an eye lift. Dab a small iridescent eyeshadow or highlighter on the inner corner of the eye and under the browbones. This instantly makes your eyes appear wider and your brows arched. It doesn’t seem like much, but you’d be surprised what a difference it makes. If you want to go a step further, mark the center of the eye with metallic eyeshadow. When the metallic catches the light, your eyes can really pop.

Choose the right false eyelashes

We all know that a pair of false eyelashes can open your eyes and make them look bigger in an instant. However, you can get frustrated when you find that not all lashes will suit you. Depending on your eye shape, style, and the fit of the false lashes, it can be difficult to find the perfect pair to frame your eyes and give them an upscale look. If you have large or round eyes, you want to use demi-wispies to create more drama in the outer corners of your eyes. If you have smaller eyes or a hood, thick lashes can look too heavy. So opt for lashes with a slightly longer center to create an illusion of depth. Once you find the right pair of falsies it will be flattering and lift your eye shape.

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