A Newbie’s Information to Glamping in 2021

If the past year has given you a new appreciation for the outdoors, then you might want to explore further through glamping in 2021. Sleeping in the middle of nature in the country is both calming and exhilarating and takes the hassle of setting up. it can be quite luxurious too.

LLM – Luxury Lifestyle Magazine spoke to the experts at Glamping Hub and here is everything you need to know if you are a beginner.

What is glamping?

Glamping (glam camping) is camping, but with the comfort and luxury of a house or hotel. There’s no facility so you don’t have to worry about tools, pitching a tent, lighting a fire, or digging a toilet hole. Just come by and enjoy the best of the experience – being outside doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. “Glamping is an opportunity to experience adventure and freedom,” explains Olivia Grafton of the Glamping Hub. “After the pandemic, we saw a record increase in bookings compared to the previous year. Users are turning to glamping as a safer way to get around, especially since most properties are remote and have private facilities. “

There are a wide variety of different glamping sites around the world

What type of accommodation can you choose from?

Every booking is unique in that it really is about looking for something that will spark interest in your chosen destination. Glamping Hub offers over 30 different types of accommodation and over 26,000 rentals worldwide. These include huts, domes, villas, safari tents, tree houses, and even private islands. So there really is an option for every budget.

How to book

It works like many short term rental providers but is more focused on connection and communication. Simply enter your destination (with or without filters) and dates and select a property. You can then send the request and ask any questions to the host. Bookings are usually confirmed within 24 to 48 hours once you have received all the details of your stay. Often times, the host also sends an additional information package along with the possibility of organizing excursions or activities in the area.

Renting glamping accommodation offers peace and adventure

What happens upon arrival

“Every scenario is different. In most cases, however, you will be greeted by a warm, friendly host who wants to share the magic of his undiscovered paradise, ”adds Grafton. “Almost all accommodations offer more than just the basic equipment, so that guests can really relax and enjoy their stay without having to fill their suitcases with sleeping bags and basic food. 90% of our guests leave four and five out of five stars. So we know that once people have experienced glamping, they fall in love with the simplicity and quickly book their next adventure. “

What luxury amenities and services can we expect?

Take this beautiful safari tent at the Wahwahtaysee Resort in Texas, for example. All 650 square meter tents have a king-size bed, a queen-size sofa bed, air conditioning and heating, a shower and a whirlpool bath (with Aveda products), a terrace, an outdoor shower, YETI Hondo chairs and even a golf cart, that you can use during your stay. There’s also a full kitchenette, but good news if you don’t want to cook, you can hire a private chef for $ 110 per person for a three-course meal or $ 180 per person for a four-course meal.

Sleeping in a safari tent is a dream for many travelers

What activities can we enjoy in the wild?

The offer varies depending on the accommodation. “The most popular are hiking, mountain biking or cycling, kayaking, wildlife watching, and yoga, but there’s also rafting, horseback riding, zipline surfing, and paddling,” Grafton concludes. Let’s not forget about low-key activities like s’Mores around the campfire, a good book, and mindful meditation.

What are the basic requirements for our first glamping experience?

1. Winter essentials

Even in the desert, temperatures drop so it’s important to bring layers with you. The Convict Merino Wool Hoodie by Ridge Merino is light, breathable and wicks moisture away from the skin so that it does not smell like outdoor activities. In addition, you want something padded and water-repellent, something like a green waxed jacket from Serran, a trendier yet more practical Barbour jacket. Finally, bring a good pair of boots from an adventure specialist like REI Co Op.

2. Summer essentials

Aside from the obvious (sunscreen) you will need something for the lakes or rivers. Solstice Watersports uses inflatable drop stitch technology to create products that function like rigid marine equipment but are inflatable. The love seat and the loungers are a luxury on the water. For eyewear, JINS will change the lives of eyeglass wearers forever. The ingenious “Switch” frames by the Japanese team combine lenses with clip-on sunglasses. They are light and flexible, but durable and an absolute must for outdoor use.

When you’re ready to climb down from your tree house, there are a variety of experiences to enjoy

3. Pamper the essentials

If your glamping rental comes with a bath (you’re in luck), indulge yourself. Obakkis and Macklins candles and soaps smell rich, but also natural as they enhance the experience of the environment. If you’re a little bit bigger (like us) then bring a Daylesford bio-diffuser. The British favorite was founded by Carole Bamford, a pioneer in organic farming and retail. Farmshop locations include Gloucestershire and London as well as an online shop.

4. Beverage essentials

Water and PG tips are for camping. Wine and hot chocolate are for glamping. For wine, pack something light and refreshing, like the Pazo Señorans from Rias Baixas. It goes great with skewers fresh from the campfire or with a decadent cheese platter. When it comes to hot chocolate, Café Direct has a rich yet easy-to-make selection.

5. Explore the essentials

We tried a number of repellants and Ben’s 30 Tick and Insect Repellent is the one that actually works. The 30% DEET bug spray lasts the whole hike. Carry a medical kit that won’t slow you down, like the ultra-light waterproof .7 medical kit (weighing 5.8 ounces). It’s waterproof so you can hike in the rain, ski, or canoe without the treatments getting wet. Finally, carry everything in a lightweight daypack. The Swedish brand Fjällräven makes equipment specifically for outdoor use. The Vardag 16 is made of durable G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco S with a lining made of recycled nylon and simple, robust details. It is one of those packs that you will underestimate until you get it through the wild.

Glamping means there is absolutely no compromise on style. Image credit: Fabrik918

6. Basics of conversation

Turn on the headphones for earbuds to keep the cords from tangling when hiking. Motorola VerveBuds 100 True Wireless Earbuds look modern and affordable, which means you won’t have the stress of dropping one on a hill. Of course, you’ll want to bring your beloved laptop to watch movies. So invest in something particularly stylish, yet functional, to protect it. Fabrik918 has the fashionable laptop companion; The 5L bags are minimalistic, zipped, padded and finished with elegant European leather and a lining made of microsuede. It will improve almost any look like you just stepped off the Paris runway (across the forest).

7. Resting the essentials

While glamping rentals have luxury beds, there are still a few essentials you should bring with you when you explore. A portable pillow like the HEST camping and travel pillow fits perfectly in a hammock, a car seat and in your bag. Tarpestry blankets are festival chic and ideal for glamping as they are weatherproof, easy to clean, and even UV resistant. They can therefore be hung up as shade when the sun is shining. After all, there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of yoga pants (which can also be used as nightwear). Buddha pants are unisex yoga harem pants that are tiny and seriously happy.

Images courtesy of Glamping Hub

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