A whole lot of individuals signal a letter demanding replies after Github fired a Jewish worker for calling the rebel Nazis

Github, a Microsoft company, allegedly fired a Jewish employee for saying there were Nazis in response to the insurgent occupation of the US capital building last week.

Business Insider reported today that “around 200” employees signed a letter asking for responses from Nat Friedman, the company’s CEO. According to the article (Paywall), the employee received a warning from the HR department for his comment before being fired for company misconduct.

Background: Without knowing exactly what Github’s claim by the employee was doing prior to the “Nazi” declaration, it is difficult to judge whether the backlash against the company is likely to die out or become a grassroots movement, similar to the current situation where Google is one dismissed respected AI ethicist and researcher Timnit Gebru.

However, we can say without a doubt that there were indeed Nazis in the capital during the uprising. Neo-Nazi groups were among those responsible for organizing and participating in the attempted coup to overthrow the US government.

But the Nazis were literally “over”. . . https://t.co/oWhREbxP54

– Peep Peep (@peeppeeparoo) January 12, 2021

Take quickly: Friedman says they’ll get to the bottom of things and see exactly what happened, but the damage is done. It is common knowledge that one of the insurgents pictured in the tweet above wore a “Camp Auschwitz” shirt to this event. Unless the laid-off employee’s alleged misconduct is outrageous enough to discourage the public from firing, Microsoft can add this to its range of public relations issues, which include several controversial contracts with ICE and the Pentagon.

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