Adios pandemic friends

Coronavirus in Context is a weekly newsletter in which we bring you facts about the COVID-19 pandemic and the technology that is trying to stop its spread. This is our final issue.

Hello pandemic friends,

It is time we said goodbye. The curtain falls and the crowd disperses. But the fight isn’t over yet.

COVID-19 is only just beginning. The pandemic is NOT an “end”, “end” or “almost over”. Things are definitely not “back to normal”.

The US will soon face its greatest challenge as a nation. Experts predict that winter will lead to deaths in and with them. Even with the miracle vaccines, the forecast for 2021 is dark. Most of us won’t get the vaccine next year, and those who do can still spread the virus.

But it’s time for us to move on. We all.

We have to find out what our new normal is. We need to feed our families, pay our bills, and learn to celebrate our lives in this dangerous paradigm without risking the lives of others.

We must learn to take care of our neighbors. And if our governments and churches do not lead us to this truth, we must find it ourselves.

This is the final edition of the coronavirus in context newsletters. I want to thank every reader, guest author, and editor who participated: this was your newsletter and I couldn’t be more proud of what we have achieved together.

By the numbers

Total from 15.12
Source: Worldometer
  • United States of America: Cases: 18,494,339 Deaths: 327,172
  • India: Cases: 10,097,540 Deaths: 146,438
  • Brazil: Cases: 7,284,166 Deaths: 181,978

Tweet of the week

Dear patient:
I also gained weight.
I too often feel sad and lonely.
I am also concerned about my parents’ health.
I also feel that Covid has taken so much from me.
I don’t find anything normal either.
You’re not alone. We’ll get through this together.
Your doctor

– Bryan Leyva, MD⚕️ (@DrBryanLeyva) December 14, 2020

What to read

Vaccines are coming and a new breed of COVID-19 is emerging, but it’s time to say goodbye …
🦟 There is a new strain of COVID-19. Here’s what you need to know. (Financial Times)
👀 Here’s a breakdown of when you can get the vaccine (CNN).
🤔 This epidemiologist says we shouldn’t be afraid of the new COVID-19 strains. (The conversation)
💉 The vaccine is good, but when you get it you’ll still have to wear a mask to protect others. (The New York Times)

¯_ (tsu) _ / ¯

In this little section, we usually discuss the technology that is getting us through the pandemic.

But for our final issue I would like to take a moment to invite you to join us in 2021 to start our new AI newsletter.

Aside from being just a big old science nerd, I’m also the editor of the TNW’s Artificial Intelligence section “Neural”.

Every week I will break down the most interesting, impactful and exciting stories in the world of artificial intelligence, machine learning and quantum computing.

As always, my focus is on the human-centered aspects of AI. So, you can expect great stories that will discuss both the short-term and the distant future implications of today’s greatest breakthroughs.

I can’t see you there in 2021!

Well, bye

The pandemic is not over yet and we are all in it together.

The good news is that it’s easy to do your part:

1. Wear a mask.
2. Stay 2-3 meters away from others in public spaces.
3. Assisting government officials who are taking the pandemic seriously.


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