Amazon’s Construct It program is just like Kickstarter

Amazon Smart Cuckoo Clock.


Amazon on Wednesday announced a new program called Build It, which will allow consumers to have a say in some of the products Amazon produces.

In a Kickstarter-like campaign, Amazon customers can support a new product. If it gets enough support within 30 days, Amazon will create it. Customers are only charged when the product is developed and shipped.

The program is designed to help Amazon decide which products will be popular before it even creates them. Amazon has used a similar program called Day 1 Editions in the past to develop experimental products like its Echo Frames smart glasses. Amazon wouldn’t say if it plans to use this program for all of its products or if it might open up to third-party inventors.

The intelligent sticky note printer from Amazon


Amazon Build It starts with three concepts: a smart sticky note printer for $ 89.99, a smart nutrition scale for $ 34.99, and a cuckoo clock for $ 79.99. Customers who support a product receive a pre-order discount. The price increases when it is generally available.

In recent years, Amazon has launched a range of game products with Alexa, ranging from microwaves to wall clocks to glasses. Many of these products didn’t catch on, and the Build It program allows Amazon to measure customer interest on one of its ideas before it goes into production.

The printer works with Alexa and uses thermal technology instead of ink to print out small sticky notes. The scale can tell you how many calories are in certain foods. The cuckoo clock works with Alexa on an Amazon Echo and has a mechanical cuckoo bird.

The smart nutrition scale from Amazon.


Amazon said it won’t say how much money a particular product will take to launch. A progress bar will appear showing how far a product is and what percentage of the backup it needs to complete.

The current concepts will be available at special prices until March 19th. Amazon said more ideas are coming.

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