Assistant coach Jarron Collins is leaving the Golden State Warriors and has a job as head coach

The Golden State Warriors and longtime assistant coach Jarron Collins have mutually agreed to part ways in an effort to pursue head coaching and associate head coaching opportunities, he told ESPN The Undefeated on Monday.

Collins, 42, joined the Warriors as a player development coach ahead of the 2014-15 NBA championship campaign. The former NBA center was promoted to assistant coach at the Golden State Bank during the 2015-16 season. Collins has served as the Warriors’ defensive coordinator for the past two seasons and led the franchise to a fifth overall standings last season. The Warriors won three NBA titles during Collins’s tenure.

“This is about myself and my personal growth,” Collins told ESPN The Undefeated. “I had a conversation with [head coach] Steve [Kerr] and the warriors. I’ve been there for seven years and trained Hall of Fame players. We won championships. I learned so much. For me it’s about taking the next path and the next step in my career.

“Obviously Steve Kerr is the head coach and Mike Brown is the senior assistant. It’s time for me to step out and see what opportunities arise for me.”

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Collins interviewed the Chicago Bulls for 2020, the Memphis Grizzlies in 2019, and the Atlanta Hawks in 2018 as a head coach in the NBA.

Kerr said Collins had “all the skills” to be an NBA head coach.

Collins was well respected and loved by the Warriors players. Warriors striker Draymond Green once described Collins’s defensive game plan as “[expletive] phenomenal “for the San Francisco Chronicle, while striker Marquese Chriss said it was” very beneficial “to have him in player development. Collins also built a reputation for developing easy-to-understand defensive fixtures and his meticulous approach to feature-watching .

“I will miss Jarron both personally and professionally,” Kerr said in a statement to The Undefeated. “He’s an excellent coach and a wonderful person. It will be different without him, but he deserves the chance to continue growing with the goal of eventually becoming the head coach of the NBA. Jarron has all the skills necessary. He’s a great one Teacher and communicator, he’s smart and funny and he knows the game. “

Collins has moved back to his hometown of Los Angeles with his wife Elsa and three children. He said he has received some coaching interest from NBA teams. The Portland Trail Blazers, Boston Celtics, and Orlando Magic have vacancies for a head coach. The former Stanford star would also be open to being head coach at the college level.

“There have been talks,” said Collins. “But I’ll be conscious and strategic with my next step. I want to be the head coach. We’ll look at all levels. We’ll look at what opportunities are out there. I want to be a first.” -Assistance coach or head coach. I want to take the next steps. “

Drafted in the second round of the 2001 draft, Collins played 10 seasons in the NBA for Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns, LA Clippers and Blazers.

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