Awarded the 2020 World Journey Awards, the Seychelles resort is a frontrunner in sustainability and inexperienced tourism

Ready to break away from the problems of 2020 and flee to paradise? Let’s face it, after the past twelve months we all deserve a break, and the more luxurious the better.

However, these days it is not just about the immaculate facilities or the impeccable service when deciding where to go next and which hotel or accommodation to include for your stay. In 2021, more travelers than ever are looking for a more sustainable way to solve their problems and are spending their money on hotels that take their own green credentials very seriously – and rightly so.

At a time when caring for our planet is more important than ever, some of the best hotels in the world place great emphasis on promoting green tourism and offering everything you would want from a lavish five-star vacation, for example the H. Resort Seychelles that makes the right decisions when it comes to choosing your luxury destination for 2021.

The resort is ideally located on the northwest corner of Mahé, on the ivory strip of sand of Beau Vallon Beach

This luxurious hotel invites its guests to reconnect with nature in a place that is nothing less than paradise. It is lined with sugary white sand beaches with azure blue water on the shore and enjoys the privileged climate of the Seychelles between 24 and 33 degrees Celsius all year round.

The Seychelles are increasingly gaining in reputation as an outstanding holiday destination for discerning travelers who are usually looking for authenticity, harmony and security while enjoying one of the most extraordinary natural experiences in the world. However, the H Resort prides itself on going even further and leading the way in green tourism with its consistent and pioneering initiatives that have seen everything from dedicated ecological areas to education to local projects both inside and outside the sprawling site .

For travelers who want to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Seychelles, H Resort Beau Vallon Beach in the Seychelles is the perfect choice

In 2020 the resort was recognized for its efforts with the World Travel Award as the Leading Green Resort in the Seychelles for that year. As we head into 2021, natural resources will continue to be conserved and protected by reducing waste and energy providing the ultimate luxury experience for its guests. It is our priority to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible while protecting the wildlife, flora and fauna.

The Seychelles’ 115 islands have remained sanctuaries for some of the rarest species of flora and fauna on earth. In fact, the Vallee de Mai, which maintains the legendary Coco-de-Mer, was once considered the biblical site of the Garden of Eden.

The luxury resort was honored with the coveted Leading Green Resort Seychelles Award at the prestigious World Travel Awards 2020

The H Resort itself prides itself on offering guests the opportunity to enjoy the modern comforts of this beautiful tropical paradise, perfectly complemented by the chic decor, lavish menus and luxurious spaces to relax and unwind.

Unlike most destinations around the world, the Seychelles have recorded a very low number of Covid-19 cases in the past twelve months. So if you are looking for a safe 2021 destination, this might just be you. The Seychelles authorities have given seven countries – including Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and the United Arab Emirates B – special status. So if you are from one of these destinations, you must have a seamless journey.

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Address: Beau Vallon, Seychelles
Phone: +248 4 387 000

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