Causes To Rent A Bodyguard: Why Excessive-Degree Individuals Flip To Private Safety To Preserve Them And Their Households Secure

Hiring a bodyguard is not uncommon in the celebrity world. World famous, wealthy individuals are regularly flanked by security guards to keep them safe and free from worries about impending but undetectable dangers. But now, more than ever, affluent and affluent people without celebrity status are increasingly turning to such services, often feeling that their money makes them an easy target for criminals.

Once considered the safest in the world, the western capitals of Europe gave the 1 percent of the world’s highest earners a calm confidence when it came to strolling the streets – be it shopping, going out, or just visiting a friend. But today, the same stroll in some of the wealthiest neighborhoods – even London’s upscale Mayfair or the Champs-Elysees in Paris – can prove to be a completely different experience that scares those who no longer want to spend their day.

In an increasingly polarized world, personal protection is no longer optional for those of high value

Fidel Matola, President and CEO of Spetsnaz Security International, says that even in elite locations like Monaco, where kings, Formula 1 drivers and business tycoons live together in harmony, the trend towards hiring a personal bodyguard is stronger than ever – and one of them is the reasons why the company provides its services there. Aside from the glitz and glamor of high life, there is a subtle but unmistakable risk hidden on the periphery. With death threats, robberies and even kidnappings no longer a rarity, it is worth investing in high-quality security more than ever.

Even so, even some celebrities seem unaware of the risks and are often seen taking solo outings in London even in the middle of the night. It may be refreshing to see, but often the true extent of any potential danger lurks invisibly – and such endeavors can just as well be considered stupid when so much is at stake.

In Paris, however, attitudes towards personal safety have changed in recent years after a spate of malicious and high-profile attacks that shook the one percent. These included the plight of Indian Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat, who was attacked by three masked men, and the violent break-in and attack on Kim Kardashian that took place at her Paris vacation home.

Kim Kardashian experienced a violent break-in and attack in Paris in 2016. Photo credit: Starfrenzy /

From terrorism to political unrest, all kinds of daily events can help build the peace and you never know exactly what is around the corner. Hiring a bodyguard no longer seems like a luxury but is becoming increasingly important for those at risk.

“At Spetsnaz Security International, our priority is to make wealthy and wealthy people feel safe and secure in any situation so that they never have to worry about their personal safety,” says Matola.

“In Monaco we offer VIPs, executives, families and all other people at risk close protection from bodyguards. After a detailed assessment of the security threat, we create a comprehensive strategy aimed not only at protecting them effectively, but also at keeping them calm.

“Our trusted, exclusive staff of the highest caliber provide protection when needed – which may be an overt and overt presence depending on the situation to deter potential criminals from approaching, or to take a more discreet and covert approach.

“Essentially, we tailor the service we offer to the individual needs of each customer. There are several reasons someone might want to hire a bodyguard, and they are not necessarily the same for everyone. “

Spetsnaz Security International offers bodyguard protection services

Why hire a bodyguard?

Indeed, from impressive assets or sensitive and valuable information to celebrities, there are a multitude of reasons that could be classified as at risk. Politicians and MPs, members of the royal family, recording artists and high profile actors have at some point been the victims of an attack – be it an attempt to defraud them or access their bank accounts, or just the over-in-love approach of a crazy fan.

Children from particularly wealthy families are often the subject of unwanted attention, and ransom kidnappings are not uncommon – and nowadays more affluent parents hire bodyguards to get their children to and from school safely and to keep them safe from harm.

“At Spetsnaz we have catered to all types of customers of all ages – although, of course, for confidentiality reasons we would never reveal who. And each of them brought with them a unique set of circumstances that we tried very hard to find, ”says Matola.

The rich and famous are aware of their vulnerability and most are open to the option of using executive protections

“All of our close security guards adhere to a strict regime that puts the privacy and reputation of our customers first. Every employee is audited by the UK government and licensed by SIA Close Protection. He has received extensive training to ensure that only the highest standards of service are met. From children to teenagers, adults to the elderly, whatever the situation requires, we can cater to it and our team is well equipped to deal with it no matter the situation or the reason. “

Such high standards are expected for the rich – and why not? As they say, you get what you pay for, and if you are willing to pay for the best services money can buy, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Spetsnaz offers an unwaveringly professional approach – from elaborate dress code to pinpoint etiquette – according to the cultural, political and religious environment in which they are used. No wonder that Spetsnaz has built a legion of loyal fans and lifelong fans.

Hiring a private bodyguard is apparently no longer restricted to the A-list and is quickly becoming a major investment for anyone deemed at risk. In 2021, we can expect this trend to spike again as the world returns to relatively normal after the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the rich and famous are back on the streets and temptation is at an all-time high.

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