Confirmed: Relieve again ache with the Kensington MediSpa Therapeutic massage WFH

Words from Jacinta Andolini

After a year of tireless work from home and however many lockdowns later, back pain has become a common complaint for many, regardless of whether or not you have an ergonomically good office chair. Staying longer and the stress of the pandemic undoubtedly has physiological implications and many have found back pain, muscle tension and general aches and pains to increase over the past year.

I went to the Kensington MediSpa, a sparkling new spa attached to the Royal Garden Hotel that offers a whole range of stress relieving and aesthetic treatments to help you feel better overall.

The MediSpa is located directly on the lively Kensington High Street

Entering the MediSpa in the immediate vicinity of busy Kensington High Street is like entering a small underground wellness retreat. Having opened just before the pandemic, it’s noticeably immaculately clean, with screens where needed, staff fully equipped with PPE, and luxurious disposable towels and equipment, meaning that cleanliness was really the least of my worries.

My therapist Lorraine made me feel comfortable and relaxed immediately, and I was quickly taken to one of the five cozy treatment rooms with heated beds and a relaxing scent of jasmine and lavender. Lorraine first asked me about existing points of tension and how I would like to feel after the session. After telling her that my main concern was the tension in the lower back and legs from sitting at the desk, she began treatment with a relaxing breathing exercise that calms the mind and muscles. She then rebalanced the body by cleaning my feet with hot towels before starting the massage.

Five cozy treatment rooms with heated beds and a relaxing scent of jasmine and lavender are available to you in the MediSpa

Most notable to me after having some deep tissue massages was the gentleness of the pressure that loosens knots and tension without being too pushy or aggressive. Her technique was gentle but powerful, and meticulously focused on every muscle in the back to relieve pain without causing discomfort. With any deep tissue massage there is usually some level of discomfort that you would expect, but Lorraine applied firm and rhythmic pressure and still made it a very enjoyable and calming experience.

In harmony with my breathing and my body throughout the treatment, it was an extraordinary massage that renewed me for a short time and kept the suppleness and healing effect on the back muscles for days afterwards.

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address: The Royal Garden Hotel, 2-24 Kensington High St, London W8 4PT
phone: 020 3441 9091

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