Cornwall’s Bodmin Jail was remodeled right into a luxurious trip vacation spot

Have you ever wandered about what it would be like to stay in jail? Deep in the heart of Cornwall, the Bodmin Jail Hotel, which will open after the restrictions are lifted, gives you exactly that experience. But fear not, the prison has undergone a £ 50 million renovation project that has been converted from an 18th century prison into a four-star boutique hotel. So you can be sure that your stay will be a luxury experience.

The building, which is only moments away from both coasts, has a history of 160 years. The 70 rooms of the hotel consist of three former cells and retain their authentic characteristics. Behind the original cell doors, guests discover free-standing bathrooms, walk-in showers and pampering beds against the backdrop of weathered stone walls. The hotel carefully blends old and new, adding a touch of luxury to the Cornish heritage.

The Bodmin Jail Hotel will also be home to the Chapel Restaurant, which combines Gothic elegance with a unique sense of history to provide guests with an exquisite dining experience. Additionally, enjoy a more relaxed dining experience at the Jolly Hangman Tavern, which offers light bites, handmade pastries, and specialty coffees.

The bedrooms consist of three former cells and retain some of the original features

The Chapel Bar – once the governor’s office – with more than 100 varieties of gin is the perfect place for a pre-dinner drink or a late-night cocktail. There is also a dedicated room for up to 300 people which is the largest wedding, conference, meeting and event venue in Cornwall.

Rajesh Joshi, Resort CEO of Bodmin Jail Hotel, comments: “The Bodmin Jail Hotel is full of romance, mystery and history and a new kind of luxury. Nowhere else is it like this. This is a celebration of Cornwall’s past and a lush destination for couples, families and friends. It’s a reimagined Cornish vacation – an opportunity to be inspired, relax and soak up the culture. “

Guests can also take a tour of the prison’s unique history and learn about its importance to Cornwall. Bodmin Prison on the edge of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall was originally built during the reign of King George III. Erected in 1779 as part of the prison reform. It was one of the first modern prisons in Britain with individual cells, separate areas for men and women, hot water, and light and airy areas for prisoners to live and work in.

The Chapel Bar with more than 100 different types of gin is the perfect place for an aperitif or a cocktail in the late evening

The female prison was closed in 1911 and the remaining inmates were transferred to Plymouth. The number of prisoners fell dramatically with the outbreak of war, and the last male prisoner left Bodmin Prison in July 1916. The prison was finally closed and officially decommissioned in 1927, and in 1929 it was sold to the destroyers.

A £ 8.5 million investment has been made in the Bodmin Prison attraction at the same location but operated separately. This offers a dark walking experience that combines the latest technology and the theatrical effect.

In July 2021, a 75-pod glamping site and an on-site spa with swimming pool, sauna and whirlpools will further enhance the luxury offer. To complement the leisure facilities, a Hospitality Academy is planned to train tourism professionals of the future and support the Cornwall tourism industry.

Reservations are available now. Room rates start from £ 130 (subject to availability). Please visit for more information.

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