Dabo Swinney toasted for the Ohio State rankings after Buckeyes embarrassed Clemson at Sugar Bowl

Dabo Swinney needs to have a serving or two of crow on top of any fritters he may have consumed in New Orleans.

The Clemson coach could only watch Justin Fields and Ohio State No. 4 – the team he ranked eleventh in his most recent Coach Poll poll – embarrassed the Tigers 49-28 at the Sugar Bowl . The Buckeyes thoroughly outperformed the Tigers in all facets of the game, from quarterback play to quick offense to defense.

Certainly not a feat you would expect from the country’s No. 11.

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Swinney explained his decision to rank Ohio this low as a nod to the number of games the Buckeyes (7-0) played in 2020.

“Obviously (Ohio State) is a great team,” said Swinney. “They are good enough and talented enough to beat us and good enough to win the national championship. But in my opinion, I don’t think it’s right that three teams have to play 13 games to win everything and one team has to play eight.

“What universe do I live in? And it has nothing to do with you. It was about qualifying. And I didn’t think that because of the number of games they played compared to all these other teams, they qualified.”

In Swinney’s favor, he did not withdraw his testimony after the loss. And to be fair, he wasn’t the only one adding extra storylines to the matchup: Ohio State manager Ryan Day was taped saying the Buckeyes would beat their A in the college football playoffs.

That didn’t matter to Twitter, who took part in a little glee after Swinney was forced to eat his words. And the crow too:

“Even Jesus lost once”

– Dabo Swinney, probably after the Ohio state is 50 attached to him

– Tyler R. Tynes (@TylerRickyTynes) January 2, 2021

Give Justin Fields the medication Dabo Swinney took when he ranked 11th in the state of Ohio because of his pain

– Joey Kinsley aka Sir Yacht (@SirYacht) January 2, 2021

Where did Dabo Swinney re-classify Ohio State?

– Reggie Bush (@ReggieBush) January 2, 2021

Dabo Swinney ranked the team that ended their 11th season but that’s not as bad as the time he accused the Florida state of protecting its players from Covid, but that’s not as bad as the time in who he said black people should be satisfied with Barack Obama

– Reese Waters (@reesewaters) January 2, 2021

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