Ever questioned what’s in a Tesla battery? have a look at that

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has been recognized for its no-compromise approach to battery technology. It is well known that drivers want a long range as well as fast and comprehensive charging options. When it comes to these features, it’s fair to say that Tesla set the standard.

But what exactly goes into its batteries. What do they look like anyway?

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Fortunately, electric vehicle restomodders like to take Tesla batteries apart and cannibalize the parts to electrify other vehicles. There are a number of videos on the internet showing Tesla batteries at certain stages of disassembly, but the following video by EV modder and YouTuber Jehu Garcia, although released in 2017, is still one of the clearest and most comprehensive starts to tear off a Tesla Model S battery.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s in a Tesla battery, take a look.

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Published on January 22, 2021 – 13:36 UTC

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