Fashion and substance: how a UK firm raises the bar for bespoke luxurious kitchens

Beautiful, unique kitchens that make you envious on Instagram? Or robust, carefully designed kitchens that are designed and built to last? Nowadays customers demand both. And if their kitchen can be designed and built in the UK with local talented craftsmen, so much the better.

We spoke to Scott Slater, co-founder of the coveted luxury kitchen brand Kesseler, as well as Nic Shacklock, Marketing and Brand Development Manager at Kesseler, about why customers choose to buy from the British, how no two Kesseler kitchens are the same and why the most important part a kitchen is the food that comes out of it.

The most striking thing about a Kesseler kitchen? They are all different. “The customers we work with don’t want a kitchen that looks like everyone else’s,” says Slater. “We address people who are resourceful, brave and brave and who take care of the little details. They want a kitchen that is unique to them and doesn’t look like it’s off the shelf or out of a catalog. “

For most of the range, customers can choose any paint color from any color card. And the design element is continued behind the cabinet doors. Instead of ubiquitous, untreated white, customers can choose a color or wood finish. So is it possible to have cabinets with dark indigo blue on the outside and a blush pink interior? “If the customer so wishes,” adds Slater, “we encourage it positively. Customers love the fact that they can go shopping and bring us something from Farrow and Ball, and we can bring it together. “

All Kesseler kitchens are designed and built in the UK by talented local craftsmen

Patented technology

What sets Kesseler apart from other luxury kitchen designers, of course, is the patented Fortis system, which uses an old wood joinery method for all cabinets, although Kesseler has gone one step further. “The family background is in engineering,” says Slater. “So we figured out a way to machine-build this traditional locking system on a large scale to build an entire kitchen. Since this is patented, we can really say that no one builds a kitchen like us. “

According to Kesseler, the result is the most robust kitchen chassis on the British market, which is incredibly strong and rigid and is also built with greater precision. This means the cabinets are more square, the doors hang perfectly, and the overall look is sharper. “We say all of our kitchens are handcrafted with machine precision,” says Slater. And because they are designed to last, Kesseler gives its customers a lifelong guarantee.

Made in the UK

All Kesseler kitchens are built in a small town in Nottinghamshire on the edge of historic Sherwood Forest. And that’s a major selling point. “Customers like the fact that we’re a UK company,” says Shacklock. “After a difficult year in the UK, people are more inclined to spend money on British products to help the economy.” And because everything is made in the UK, lead times are significantly faster than Kesseler’s European competitors.

A Kesseler kitchen is widely regarded as a masterpiece of seductive design and British craftsmanship.

“The nice thing is that we’re faster all round,” adds Shacklock, “and our supply chain is shorter. We will not suffer any potential increases in shipping costs or delay containers with essential components in ports at any time in the near future. This is a very attractive option for our customers. “

Innovative design

How does the purchase of a luxury kitchen from Kesseler work? Kesseler currently has eight branded showrooms across the UK with 20 planned to be set up by the end of 2021. Customers can book a personal design consultation with a Kesseler designer, take their measurements or architectural drawings with them and talk through their options. And it is this designer who also manages the entire project, from the first conversation to installation.

Projects typically range from £ 15,000 to £ 35,000, although larger properties can range around £ 60,000. “There’s a Kesseler kitchen for every type of property in the UK,” says Slater. “There are a number of different architectural styles in the UK, from Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian to New York-style new builds and loft apartments. Our kitchens are designed in the eclectic style of British homes. “

All bespoke kitchens from Kesseler form a perfect synthesis of innovation and craftsmanship and convey elegance and style

Brand partner

But Kesseler doesn’t just take extraordinary furniture seriously. The company has chosen to partner with some of the most innovative designers and manufacturers in the industry, including legendary Italian appliance maker Smeg, granite countertop brand Konigstone and Derbyshire-based Blok kitchen knives. “Occasionally our customers keep their old Aga range and put it in the new kitchen,” says Slater. “But most of them choose to buy new equipment and we strongly recommend Smeg as a brand.”

“We chose Smeg because their brand matches ours very well,” adds Shacklock. “Like Kesseler, they value function as well as beautiful form. It’s not just about designing an oven that looks beautiful. It’s also about the food that comes from it and the amazing memories that those special meals create. “

A Kesseler kitchen is about preparing, cooking and eating food. “Yes, our kitchens are beautiful to look at, but also practical and well thought out,” adds Shacklock. This is why the company decided to partner with Laurence Henry, the 2018 MasterChef: The Professionals winner, as its brand ambassador.

The Nottingham-based chef visits the company’s factory regularly and supports the voice. “[Their kitchens] are just so beautifully designed and built. They have amazing gadgets that make it easier to make amazing quality food, plus really clever storage so you can keep things organized and tidy, and a great countertop too. “Says Henry. “As a professional chef, it is clear to me that Kesseler really thought about every element of their kitchen, which is why it was the perfect brand for me to work with.”

All Kesseler kitchens have a lifetime guarantee

What’s next for this brand that has been delighting customers since 2010? “We started using independent showrooms to sell our kitchens. As customers started looking into our story and inquiries increased, it became important for us to open our first brand showroom a few years ago, ”says Shacklock. “The long-term goal is to have one showroom per district. We are a national company serving all of the UK. We want to make it easy for people to see and feel the product and get excited about the journey they are embarking on. “

And the secret of Kesseler’s continued success? “There has been a resurgence in people who wanted to buy better-built things,” says Slater. “Our customers come to us because of the incredible quality of workmanship and the beauty of the finished product. People are looking for something unique. Something with a little soul. “

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