From heroes of the working class to tailored classics: How the luxurious model Julian Boots from LA is growing its dedication to high quality

When it comes to filling your wardrobe with the highest quality luxury items, the landscape is often more confusing than it used to be. To respond to ever-increasing demand, many of the best-known brands have resorted to faster, more efficient manufacturing processes behind the scenes, which can often result in those timeless parts not lasting as long as they once did and that the expert one Craftsmanship for which they were once known suddenly fades into the background.

While some are increasingly moving towards mass production, others take a different approach and revert to longstanding methods that go back many years and have ensured the highest level of quality from the start. While some get faster, others slow down, taking the time to make sure that every single product they make is the best it can be – and it is brands like this that we will remain loyal to for years to come become their unwillingness to compromise on luxury.

That renewed appreciation for real quality rarely goes unnoticed, and one brand that has made a name for itself around the world for its impeccably crafted shoes is Julian Boots – a Los Angeles-based company run by founder Julian Imrie.

High-quality leather, unique styling and individual design characterize Julian Boots

There’s a lot to be said for excellent footwear, and the wrong pair of shoes or boots can make or break any well-put together look. But it’s not just about aesthetics – comfort is paramount when choosing your next pair. Often times, you need to compromise on this statement, but you shouldn’t have to.

Julian Boots is a luxury boot retailer who blends style with comfort and refuses to let either suffer. His boot models have been perfected over the years from working class boots worn during the Industrial Revolution and beyond. also.

From working class heroes to bespoke classics, the brand has since made itself an indispensable part of those who take their shoes seriously. It takes a lot of craftsmen to make the boots to such an impeccable standard – and so much attention to detail that each pair of boots takes many weeks to complete.

All boots are hand assembled

Though the brand’s boot model names have come a long way since those early days, they are a nod to their heritage and rich history, with monikers like Boondocker, Bowery, Engineer, and Cornish Miner. Each pair has their own identity, but the same level of quality and flair can be seen throughout the range. Customers can choose from a range of Cordovan, low-volume, exotic high-end leathers that are custom Goodyear welted and order at the Los Angeles factory for a perfect fit.

So what exactly does it take to make the perfect shoe?

“Precise measurements of the foot are of course essential,” says Julian. “Everyone is unique, and we know that standard sizes are simply not enough to provide the optimum level of comfort. So we meet with each client and measure the arch of the foot, the size of the big toe, and the circumference of the leg. But it’s not just about the technical details, we also use this opportunity to get to know the customer. The more we know about them, the more tailored their boots will be to their needs and tastes.

Each pair takes many weeks to make and many skilled artisans are involved

“This creates a unique leather last, where premium leather and elegant hardwear come together to complete the finished piece. We involve the customer in the selection of each individual element. In total, we spend around 35 hours on each pair of boots, so you can always be sure that what you get from us is truly tailor-made. “

One look at a couple in real life and you can immediately see what he means; Beautiful and sophisticated, there is little doubt that they have what it takes to last for years.

Julian Boots will tailor the boots to ensure the best fit, unmatched durability, all day comfort and unique styling and design for the most demanding customers

Julian told us: “The reason our models are called that is because in the old days, the job you worked for determined the shape of your boots. Every job has its own style of working, whether you are on your feet all day, kneeling on the floor or walking many miles – and so our boots are designed to reflect this. For example, the ‘Engineer’ boat looks different from the ‘Architect’ and so on. “

Where exactly did Julian’s sculptural flair come from? Well, it seems fitting that after he was born in London he later moved to the United States to study sculpture at the School of Visual Arts. It is clear that his early focus in this area contributed to his ability to design an excellent shoe.

Julian Boots has bespoke boots for select high-end stores and boutiques in North America, Europe and Japan

His pieces are so valued that Julian Boots has designed a range of boots for a select few high-end and luxury boutiques in North America, Europe and Japan.

There’s no denying that this is a man who literally takes quality very seriously – and so it’s no wonder his work has earned the company so much recognition. Once heroes of the working class who would lead every type of worker through their long and tiring days in 2021, their boots are now tailor-made classics that belong in every man’s wardrobe and are guaranteed to be built to last.

So, if you’re looking for the best pair of luxury shoes money can buy, you’ve come to the right place.

All images used in this article are credited to: Julian Boots

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