Good meals within the 5-star lodge and resort Bahía del Duque on Tenerife

One of the most beautiful elements for a dream vacation is the delicious cuisine every day of your trip. When looking for exciting and memorable dining experiences abroad, it is of the utmost importance to move away from foods that you can prepare at home and use new ingredients, dishes and eating styles.

If, like many others, the culinary part of your vacation is important then you will surely be looking for a resort that includes a range of cuisines from around the world with industry recognized restaurants. If you want year-round sun, endless beach activities, and world-class dining, Tenerife’s south coast is the perfect choice, and for a five-star resort with exciting dining options, Bahía del Duque in Adeje should be your first choice .

The five-star Bahía del Duque Hotel in Tenerife offers a fantastic selection of restaurants in its luxury resort on the coast

Providing a universe of flavors spanning different cultures; Italian, Japanese, French, Basque and Canarian cuisine. The dining options at Bahía del Duque – a member of Tais Hotels and Villas – are impressive and made even more noteworthy with the introduction of the Michelin-starred Nub restaurant.

Nub starts at the resort on January 23rd and brings almost five years of gastronomic know-how. Nub was founded in May 2016 by chefs Andrea Bernardi from Italy and Fernanda Fuentes-Cárdenas from Chile and in 2018 was awarded one of the most prestigious stars in the Michelin Guide editions taking place in Tenerife in November 2017. Nub has reaffirmed the Michelin star at every opportunity since then.

The culinary concept is based on restoring the origins, a mixture of traditional roots and a cultural bridge between Latin America and Europe. The mastery of chefs reflects their concerns and their way of life; Her kitchen has a very personal style in which stories and new ideas inspired by Canary Islands products are intertwined.

The culinary concept at Nub is based on the restoration of origins, a mixture of traditional roots and a cultural bridge between Latin America and Europe

Fernanda Fuentes said of the move to the family-run hotel and resort: “Bahía del Duque offers us the best space we can ever imagine to develop a concept that is much more than just trying a menu. it is more of a full sensory experience. In the same way that clouds move, guests go through three levels in three different environments and enjoy the experience with all their senses. “

The restaurant is firmly anchored in a concept that includes artisanal products, dishes and utensils made by local and national artists as key factors in properly deploying their gastronomic know-how. The essence of Nub blends perfectly with the identity of Bahía del Duque. Since its inception, the hotel has constantly maintained and promoted its Canarian identity, tradition and innovation as pillars for a national and international icon for the most exclusive service.

Cristina de Juan, the hotel manager, said: “The landing of Nub in Bahía del Duque is a milestone and a new commitment to excellence in this crucial time for tourism, when authenticity and bespoke services are gaining in value more than ever and unique experiences” .

The finest ingredients are temptingly prepared in Pierre Résimont’s brasserie, and the setting is as elegant as the food

In addition to introducing nub, Bahía del Duque has a fantastic selection of restaurants to please the senses and the most discerning palate. Pierre Résimont’s brasserie, whose Belgian restaurant L’Eau-Vive has been awarded two Michelin stars, offers guests refined Gallic dishes and wines such as red king prawns, spinach, tomatoes and biscuits. Chateaubriand; Lobster, risotto, Sarawak pepper, and basil; and the classic crème brûlée.

Spectacular breakfasts and an exquisite dinner are promised in El Bernegal, the hotel’s main restaurant. Expect to sample the best international cuisine with themed buffets and enjoy the cooking. When you’re on the coast, be sure to try some juicy and fresh seafood, and the Beach Club does just that. In addition, guests can hear and see the splashing water while enjoying the Mediterranean cuisine and enjoying the best white wines on the terrace of this restaurant.

Whether it’s a cocktail at sunset with snacks, salad, soup, taco or fajita, guests are pampered at La Hacienda

Alisios is a modern and elegant restaurant that combines market food and haute cuisine and invites you to change the way you normally dine. A selected menu with daily recommendations uses fresh and seasonal ingredients in dishes such as fried prawns with kimchi sauce, duck dim sum with chipotle and yoghurt cream and grilled turbot by Josper. Lovers of Italian cuisine will be satisfied with pasta, pizza and traditional Italian dishes at La Trattoria. Transport to Tuscany with the charming interior and enjoy the evening shows that take place in the Central Plaza from the terrace of the restaurant.

Basque cuisine is known for its prestige and those who want to try the local offerings can do so at Sua. Authentic Basque cooking styles combine with a modern space and offer another unique dining experience at Bahía del Duque. Expect a delicious selection of small plates and larger dishes such as Ibercio ham croquettes, grilled fish of the day and roast suckling pig terrine. Finally, La Hacienda serves Mexican cuisine with great views of the ocean. Whether it’s a sunset cocktail with snacks, salad, soup, taco or fajita, the guests will be delighted.

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All pictures are from Bahia del Duque.

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