High ideas for adorning and equipping a vacation residence

With travel expenses so limited over the past year, it is becoming increasingly clear that if restrictions are relaxed, people will be leaving their current place of residence for a fresh outlook, if only for a week or two.

The stays this spring and summer are expected to be great. So if you have a vacation where you want to make some cash, you’ve come to the right place. From Cork to Cornwall and from the Cotswolds to Cairngorms, there are many vacation hotspots that travelers are eager to visit. If you’re lucky enough to have a vacation home in a beautiful location, you’re in luck.

Whether you are new to the vacation rental game or your property needs a little facelift to draw visitors back, we have some top tips for decorating and equipping your vacation home below.

Tasteful decor that appeals to a wider range of people works well

Let yourself be inspired by the surroundings

You need your vacation home to exude character, but not too much to make guests feel like they’re staying in someone else’s home. Location will be one of the main reasons guests choose to stay at your hotel. So don’t be afraid to do it justice by bringing some of the local aspects into your accommodation. Dark, rustic wood decor works well for forests, while clean, fresh shades of sand work well on the beach. Add some extras to the decor – such as a wall-mounted deer head or a barometer – to suit the locale and display artwork by local artists who depict the area well for maximum impact.

Keep it simple but elegant

Tasteful decor that appeals to a wider range of people works well, but don’t wait for a minute for everyone to fall in love with the decor you end up with – everyone has different tastes and you may not like everyone. While you won’t be displaying your best antiques and collectibles in your vacation home, you sure want it to be a comfortable place for guests. Shops like Guineys.ie are perfect for outfitting your vacation home with a range of housewares, including luxury bedding, bathroom accessories, mirrors, blankets and the like, all under one roof.

Make sure you’re using top notch equipment and it doesn’t hurt to leave thoughtful extras lying around

Don’t make it too appropriate

It may be tempting when planning the interiors for a vacation home to keep it like something that has fallen off the pages of a luxury interior catalog, but the whole purpose of a vacation rental is to make it feel homely to everyone. Local accents can be added to character and warmth, as mentioned above, while quality furniture adds the luxury factor that provides the perfect backdrop for the photos promoting your vacation home.

Make sure you cater to groups of different sizes

This may seem really obvious, but if you have room for six to sleep, make sure you have room for six in the living areas to sit and dine with enough glasses, dishes and utensils for the guests to enjoy can easily be used without having to turn on the dishwasher between meals The same goes for any outdoor area. Make sure that a hot tub can accommodate the maximum number of guests and that there is an outdoor dining area large enough for everyone.

Go out of it all with comfortable spaces and luxurious furniture and furnishings – your guests will thank you

Use first class equipment and furniture

Making sure you outfit your property with top-notch appliances and furniture will bring it one step closer to your longevity. A washer / dryer is just as important as a dishwasher and coffee maker, while quality showers and well-made beds, couches, and dining furniture will please guests. Articles that are easy to understand how to use are absolute musts. Everything should be geared towards ease of use and comfort in order to ensure an optimal stay for visitors.

Add helpful details

From information about local walks, restaurants and takeaways, to board games and books for rainy days, to soaps and other essential kitchen and bathroom items, equipping your holiday home with these helpful details is of great help to guests. You can go a step further with a bottle of soda in the fridge and some delicious local treats to devour. It’s often the smaller touches and thoughtful gestures that really blow guests away and make them keep coming back.

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