Hopefully Toyota’s solid-state EV battery will wipe out inner combustion engines

Solid-state batteries were just a whisper to the winds of the future of electric vehicles. That is until Toyota got involved.

According to recent reports, the Japanese automaker will test its solid-state battery technology next year in preparation for launch in 2025.

If this succeeds, it will be great news for motorists looking to switch to electric vehicles. It could also make Toyota the first automaker to bring solid-state battery technology to the real world.

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In short, solid-state battery technology promises a future of electric driving that we should all get on board with. It could be the final nail in the coffin for the internal combustion engine industry.

They have good range, more than 300 miles, says Motor Trend, do not require cooling systems, can be charged incredibly quickly compared to modern powerhouses, are much safer, and do not degrade to the same extent as liquid-based or polymer-based batteries.

Toyota’s upcoming solid-state battery technology could help future electric vehicles charge in just 10 minutes and travel more than 240,000 miles before any significant battery degradation sets in, reports Nikkei.

With statistics like this, the question arises why anyone would be concerned about the range or lifespan of an electric vehicle. There really is no argument for not buying an EV for your everyday driver.

However, we have yet to see how solid-state batteries work in practice. in a vehicle for daily driving.

With this news, Toyota says it will begin testing a solid-state battery in an actual vehicle next year, which should provide some insight into whether the high performance benefits will persist.

Toyota isn’t the only automaker looking at solid-state battery technology. Last week, VW-powered QuantumScape announced it had a production-ready solid-state battery ready and preparing to use it in cars by 2024.

The solid-state battery technology announcement follows a big week for Toyota EV News.

Last week the automaker finally cracked the corner of the lid of its first all-electric car, the BZ. With the initial announcement, we only got a glimpse of the silhouette of the car, but a few days later exclusive renders surfaced that are much more detailed – check them out on Auto Express.

Photo credit: ToyotaToyota’s new all-electric vehicle will be a mid-size sport utility vehicle. The outline is somewhat reminiscent of the Jaguar i-Pace if you ask me.

It’s good to see Toyota, one of the world’s largest automakers, finally making the move to the all-electric future, and on a grand scale.

Toyota previously relied on the fact that its hybrid vehicle technology has enabled it to comply with tightened emissions regulations.

With total bans on internal combustion engines and hybrid vehicles spilling into a number of key markets over the next 15 years, the Not only is the Japanese automaker taking a step in the right direction, it is also taking a gigantic and exciting jump with both feet in the air – and boy, I hope it can make it through the landing.

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Published on December 15, 2020 – 10:16 UTC

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