How lengthy is John Tavares on the street? Harm schedule, return date, newest updates for the captain of Maple Leafs

The Maple Leafs suffered a severe blow Thursday night when star center John Tavares went down against the Canadiens with an apparent head injury.

Tavares sustained the first phase injury when he pulled a knee in his head from Montreal’s Corey Perry as he fell on the ice. The Leafs captain struggled to move and had to be stretched from the ice in one scary looking scene. He was taken to a local hospital and held overnight for examination.

It is very clear that Tavares will have to miss the time due to the injury. The question is how much. And will he be able to return sometime in the postseason?

Here you can find all the details on Tavares’ injury, including the latest information on his overall health and when he may be able to return to the ice.

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How long will John Tavares be out?

At the moment, the timetable for Tavares’ return is uncertain. Toronto GM Kyle Dubas said Tavares also sustained a knee injury during the collision and would miss at least two weeks for the knee to recover. It remains to be seen whether his concussion symptoms will have subsided by then.

The Maple Leafs released a statement Friday morning confirming that Tavares had been discharged from the hospital but would be out “indefinitely” because of the injury.

Toronto Maple Leafs captain John Tavares was discharged from the hospital this morning. He was thoroughly examined and assessed by the neurological team at St. Michaels Hospital and the club’s medical director. He was held overnight for observation and is now resting at home under the care and supervision of team doctors. Tavares will be out for an indefinite period.

That doesn’t give fans a full schedule of his possible return, of course, but it sounds like Tavares is in danger of missing a considerable amount of time.

What is John Tavares’ injury?

As expected, Tavares was diagnosed with a concussion. Maple Leafs manager Sheldon Keefe confirmed this on Friday afternoon. Tavares also suffered a knee injury during the collision and would miss at least two weeks for the knee to recover.

According to Kyle Dubas, John Tavares has been cleared of all structural damage to the head, neck and spine.

– Chris Johnston (@reporterchris) May 22, 2021

Head injuries are generally difficult and vary widely from person to person. This could keep Tavares away in the long run, and at least he’ll have to fill out the NHL’s concussion log before he’s allowed to skate again.

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John Tavares Injury Timeline

On May 20th, Tavares knocked his head in a freak accident in Corey Perry’s neutral zone. Tavares was neatly hit by Ben Chariot and spilled onto the ice while Perry got into the zone. Perry tried to avoid him, but knelt on his head.

Tavares tried to get up, but the training staff stopped him and eventually pulled him off the ice.

“It was terrible. That’s when life comes into play and when he saw him in pain you got sick in the stomach,” said Nick Foligno, Tavares’ team-mate.

Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe spoke about Tavares’ condition after the game.

“He is conscious and communicates well,” said Keefe. “The tests he had so far are clear again. He will be staying in the hospital overnight for more tests.”

On May 21, Tavares was released from hospital and returned home under the care of Maple Leafs doctors. Later that day, he posted a statement on Twitter to indicate that he was fine and to thank the medical teams who looked after him.

John Tavares injury updates

– May 22: Kyle Dubas, GM of Maple Leafs, says Tavares did not suffer any structural damage to the head, neck or spine. A knee injury during the collision would take at least two weeks to heal.

– May 21st: Toronto issues a statement declaring Tavares to be “indefinitely” but confirming that he has returned from the hospital. Coach Sheldon Keefe confirms that Tavares is a concussion.

– May 20th: Tavares is stretched from the ice with a head injury against the Canadiens. He is hospitalized overnight but is “conscious” and “communicating well”.

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