Impressed inside and furnishings designs for a brand new world of labor

With many businesses now working from home, the UK workforce must face the reality that more time could be spent at home in the long run, so the work-life balance has never been more relevant.

Many have felt the pressure to remain productive while work has unwittingly but visibly invaded our homes. Stylish, high-quality and functional furniture is a must. At least to make our life easier and more enjoyable in these times. Stylish, high quality and functional furniture is exactly what London-based interior design and furniture company ElevenK offers. In fact, their furniture meets all of the criteria.

Stylish, high quality and functional furniture embody the ElevenK brand

ElevenK was founded by interior designer Magdalena Guenole and project manager and entrepreneur Helen Wyatt during the lockdown and is an interior design and furniture company with the message: “Working environments at home are important”.

Magdalena and Helen are superbly equipped to realize ElevenK’s vision of helping people improve their work environment at home by combining a modern, edgy approach to design with centuries-old furniture making traditions. Magdalena’s portfolio includes designing luxury homes and furniture for some of the world’s most discerning clients. She had never met a furniture company that was able to implement their projects and design their concepts as efficiently and flawlessly as Helen, together with her husband James Wyatt, an independent master.

ElevenK combines a modern, angular design approach with the centuries-old traditions of furniture construction

When Magdalena began turning her attention to home furniture design, she immediately knew who to turn to. Your call to Helen was random and well timed. Helen had just started Fitt-BOX during the lockdown; A practical and inexpensive plyometric exercise box for home training. Helen had also thought about a solution to the exodus of office workers who now needed home office furniture. These early conversations sparked the creation of ElevenK.

After doing their research, they quickly discovered that there was almost no distinctive, yet affordable, furniture. They knew that by combining their skills and experience they could fill the void and deliver high quality, beautifully crafted, yet functional furniture that could add value to people’s lives and look beautiful in their homes. Helen said, “We wanted to make furniture that was more than just a desk. We offer sustainable pieces made using traditional and modern methods and skills.

The multifunctional pieces offer an eclectic mix of contemporary and classic design that will stand the test of time

“Not only are these pieces designed to work now, but they are multifunctional pieces with an eclectic mix of contemporary and classic designs that will stand the test of time. In addition, we are so proud to say that all of our furniture is designed and made in the UK. “

Magdalena added: “All of our furniture is customizable. We can make them to fit your home perfectly. We can make these pieces of furniture from many different materials and they can be done in any color. “

High-quality, beautifully crafted and yet functional furniture should enhance people’s lives

ElevenK not only designs for today, but their pieces of furniture are also classics of the future. This is not mass produced disposable furniture, but rather an edgy British design that promises to transform the work and life experiences in the new home world work we are currently experiencing.

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