Learn how to Make a Journey Video – Journey Vlog Ideas for Novices

While we are all a little too aware that these amazing travel destinations are currently a little beyond our reach, there will be a time when it is no longer the case. And in the meantime, what better way to wait to travel than to learn a new skill that only relates to what you’re lacking?

The skill we’re talking about is learning how to make a travel video or vlog. Travel vlogs are a cool and creative way to share your travel experiences with others, give followers a taste of your fabulous lifestyle, and improve the game through still images. They are also a great way to look back on these amazing experiences for years to come.

To make a good travel video, you need to make sure that you have learned some skills and that you have the right equipment and software. We’re here to help you make a travel video with our beginner’s guide, and we’re also sharing our top travel vlog tips with you.

The top travel vlog tips

Before filming anything, think about the style of travel vlog you want

Get the right equipment and software

Making travel videos is fun. In order to get the best footage for your vlog, you need to buy the best equipment. Of course, your phone has a video option, but an HD digital camcorder with a built-in microphone is a good buy. Do a little research, read the reviews, and choose a camcorder that gives you the best clarity.

In addition, good editing software is an absolute must. The editing phase really shows off your video and can mean the difference between an amateur piece and a professional looking documentary. Movav i’s multimedia software is a great option when it comes to turning your raw footage into something special.

Find your style

Before you start filming anything, get an idea of ​​your style. Think of the style of travel vlog you want, check out some other travel videos available and pick aspects that appeal to you to give you a direction that suits you.

If you’d rather have a play that is about the goal and not so much about you, you can. It depends on whether the viewer is there to see you or not. When uploading your vlogs, it is important to make sure that you have a style that you like and stick to, as anyone looking at them as a whole will notice and appreciate the consistency.

When filming, make sure the lighting is good, the camera doesn’t shake, and there isn’t too much background noise


When filming your piece, you’ll want to make sure the lighting gets to the point. natural light is the best. If you are filming in a quiet place with a winning soundscape, make sure no one is talking and the wind is not a distraction. Whenever you talk to the camera, you can always make a test clip and listen back to make sure there are no distractions.

One very important tip to keep in mind is to keep your camera still. Nobody likes watching a shaky vlog. So keep a stable arm when filming, keep it close to your body for stability, and use a tripod when you don’t have to.

Have fun! Yes, you want to create the perfect travel vlog, but when there is an amazing moment, sometimes it pays off to put your camera down and just enjoy that moment for what it is. Not every single aspect needs to be filmed, and the viewer will never know what he has missed!

When you are watching a beautiful sunset or are mesmerized for a moment by waves or an immense view, take out your camera. These little snippets make the perfect fill shots.

Editing is the most important part of the whole project. So take your time and make sure you have the best editing software


Once you get home with your awesome footage, make sure that your travel vlog works as a whole, and this is where editing comes in. Yes, good footage is key, but editing is where all the hard work comes into play, and it’s by far the most time consuming part, at least it should be if you want your travel vlog to be special.

If you feel like it, you can play around with effects and speeds (remember we talked about your personal style above?), You can play around with voice-over, music (be careful with copyrights), words and the like.

Pace of the final cut

Try to keep it pretty snappy, not many people will have the patience to sit down for an hour and watch someone else’s travel vlog – this is not a David Attenborough documentary. And when you have some amazing things to share, you don’t want to skip it all too quickly. So make sure the entire vlog is at a steady pace to keep your viewer entertained.

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