Lime and What3words are working collectively to remove deserted escooters

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Micromobility company lime has entered into a partnership with the mapping provider what3words to help members of the public more easily report improperly parked e-bikes and scooters.

The mapping company’s technology divides the earth’s surface into 57 trillion three-meter squares. Each square is assigned a unique three-word address to identify precise locations that traditional addressing systems such as large parks fail to cover.

As the number of dockless e-bikes and scooters continues to grow in cities, Lime’s technology will be used to pinpoint the exact location of improperly parked or abandoned devices.

Micromobility companies have in recent months increased their focus on technologies that improve the security and usability of their services, particularly in the UK, where the government has approved E-scooter trials in over a dozen cities.

Florence Milner, Lime General Manager for the UK and Ireland, said: “Lime has invested in industry-leading security to ensure the vast majority of our users park responsibly.

“We know, however, that shared systems can sometimes lead to parking problems. That’s why we’re proud to work with what3words to ensure that problems can be identified and resolved even faster to ensure that our service is really suitable for everyone.”

The company also says the partnership will help it achieve its goals Drive green 2025 carbon negative target by making sure the operations team avoids unnecessary miles to find the devices.


Last week, Lime announced a partnership with the Transit Mapping App Citymapper So that users can easily find Limes e-bikes and scooters in 21 major cities around the world, including London, San Francisco, Paris, Berlin, Manchester, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Austin, Washington DC and St. Louis, Sydney, Lisbon, Brussels, Madrid, Stockholm, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Vienna.

While users can find Lime’s vehicles in the app, they still have to switch to the Lime app to rent a device and switch back to Citymapper or another navigation app to find the most bike-friendly route.

As part of the London partnership, Citymapper’s The Super Duper Pass, which gives commuters £ 10 (USD 13) per week of Lime travel credit, will now be offering Lime as the exclusive e-micromobility provider.

Alex Thomas, Partnerships Lead at Citymapper, said, “We are excited to start this partnership with Lime. Micromobility is changing the way we move around cities, and COVID-19 has made alternatives like bicycles and scooters an even more important part of our urban infrastructure. In the Citymapper app, users can now view their bike and scooter routes as well as the options for public transport and then be guided to their destination in real time with our turn-by-turn instructions. “

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Published on December 15, 2020 – 08:36 UTC

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