Luxurious mirror to reinforce your luxurious residence

Luxury mirror are very important and remarkable pieces. For all Room decoration, You only need the most magical luxury mirrors and each of your rooms will be breathtaking. A luxury mirror with a contemporary design can help distribute the light in the bedroom and free up space inside yourself modern home looks bigger than it really is.

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The large round wall lamp sculpture is made of wood folded around Polished stainless steel that shows a perfect mirror. Born from the rich tradition of iron smiths and experienced goldsmiths, this majestic one is Wall mirror lamp is a soulful piece with classic distinction for outstanding private residences up to the largest object settings.

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Luxury mirrors are ideal to integrate seamlessly into any one modern home decor. Luxury mirrors can help create one minimalist, elegant environment in your home design. With a variety of interior design ideas to choose from, you are sure to find a mirror that fits into your current living environment without overwhelming it, like Apollo from Boca do Lobo.

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The Filigree mirror flowers in a traditional form Portuguese culture and art. A true work of art, this luxurious mirror pays homage to Boca do Lobos Core Values ​​Heritage and Craftsmanship. The filigree mirror structure consists of brass cords, gold-plated in 18 carat gold. It features a sheet of brass that is hand hammered to achieve its concave shape.

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This luxury mirror is truly the embodiment of a fairy tale and is what dreams are made of. Perfect for a quirky bedroom, with this furniture design you will feel like a princess.

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A modern wall mirror with gold accents for contemporary interiors and elegant rooms, by stylish bedroom to upscale hallways or living rooms. The unique beauty of these luxury mirrors arises from the courage to risk and challenge conventional design with the finest craftsmanship.

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Round lapiaz mirror brings extraordinary craftsmanship and design into a new realm. Finding beauty in the most unexpected places, that contemporary design The piece is inspired by authentic karst formations that result from surface dissolution, freezing or thawing of limestone or dolomite rock.

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