Michael Strahan, NFL Twitter pays tribute to Jim Fassel after former Giants coach dies aged 71

Former Giants trainer Jim Fassel has died at the age of 71.

As his son John Fassel confirmed to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, the older Fassel suffered a heart attack while under sedation. He was hospitalized and had chest pain.

Fassel coached the Giants from 1997 to 2003. He was named Coach of the Year in his first season in 1997 and finally led the Giants on an unlikely run to the Super Bowl in the 2000 season. After Thanksgiving that season, when New York sat 7-4 and had two straight defeats, he guaranteed the team that they would make it to the playoffs.

“This is a game of poker and I move my chips into the center of the table,” said Fassel. “I increase the stakes and everyone who wants to get in gets in. Anyone who wants to get out can get out. This team is going to the playoffs, OK? This team is going to the playoffs. “

The Giants would win five games in a row to then secure the home advantage.

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In addition to his time with the Giants, Fassel trained with the Broncos, Raiders, Cardinals and Ravens in the NFL and had a successful four-year stint with the Las Vegas Locomotives in the UFL before that league collapsed.

Fassel’s death has sparked many tributes from across the NFL. This included poignant, heartfelt comments from one of his former defensive stars, Michael Strahan.

“[He was a] big part of my life. Just a great man, a great coach and he will be missed, ”Strahan said on Tuesday on Good Morning America. . Great man. I enjoyed every minute with him as a coach and after my career when we kept in touch and talked. “

He was also honored by many prominent NFL figures, friends of Fassel, NFL teams and fans on Twitter.

One of the more underrated soundbites in NFL history – Jim Fassel guarantees his @Giants would make the playoffs. From there they won 7 in a row and made the Super Bowl. Its coordinators this year? @ SeanPayton and John Fox.

RIP to a good man. pic.twitter.com/Ma55CWTATB

– Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) June 8, 2021

I started covering the #Giants in 2004, just as Jim Fassel dodged Tom Coughlin, but I’ve had a few opportunities to interact with him over the years. He is always a pleasure to speak to. RIP to a really good head coach. https://t.co/uUI84Ws22d

– Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) June 8, 2021

Sad news about Jim Fassel. Nice man and underrated trainer. #REST IN PEACE

– Don La Greca (@DonLagreca) June 8, 2021

I am sorry to hear this message. Jim Fassel was the Ravens’ offensive coordinator when I started working for the team in 2005. His son John was also on the Ravens coaching staff. Great guys. Love and prayers for the Fassel family. https://t.co/4HYQeU1k4v

– Sarah Ellison (@sgellison) June 8, 2021

It’s always sad to see the former coaches we knew so well age and die.

Jim Fassel had professional success and a great run at the age of 71.

He left an NFL legacy to his family. #Fassel #RIP pic.twitter.com/UajGGiBt01

– Chris Clough (@ChrisCloughOly) June 8, 2021

I am very sorry to hear that Jim Fassel has died. He was a good man and always accommodating during my travels and work with the Giants. He was also a pillar of strength and compassion on and after September 11th. RIP Coach Fassel and my heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

– Steve Cohen (@CohenNFL) June 8, 2021

I am devastated when I hear the news of the death of my longtime friend Jim Fassel. He’s been on my show for many years and has always loved doing it. He was not doing well after his battle with Covid 19, which he was still struggling with. Rest in peace my friend. pic.twitter.com/wV6vDHWz5d

– Gil Whiteley (@Gilfest) June 8, 2021

We are sad to hear of the death of former Broncos Offensive Coordinator (1993-1994) Jim Fassel.

Our hearts go out to the Fassel family. pic.twitter.com/6Ez54KdfjW

– Denver Broncos (@Broncos) June 8, 2021

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