New American Wines and Spirits to Add to Your Cupboard in 2021

With limited business travel, duty-free closets at home may look a little empty by now. If you want to change that, start with America, where liquors continue to hit the market and dazzle.

We take a look at 10 bright novelties that promise the perfect addition to your collection, whether you’re aiming for a dry January or start sipping right away. From wine to gin and tequila to bourbon, this fine selection is certainly worth ordering.

Gin: AMASS Dry Gin

AMASS specializes in first-class, botanical spirits in small quantities, and their gin is sure to be a treat for the senses. California Bay and Cascara Sagrada, which were distilled with 29 botanicals, grind light top notes of fresh citrus fruits and complement the aromas of hibiscus, cardamom, cocoa and ginger. It’s a vortex of multiculturalism, much like the downtown Los Angeles Arts District where the brand originated.

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Wine: Avaline Red

Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power launched a hugely successful range of white and rosé wines earlier this year, and eventually the collection was expanded to include a red wine. Avaline Red is an ultra-pure, vegan wine made from organic grapes and without unnecessary additives. The body is light and gives it a particularly honest and healthy feeling, but it is juicy. The senses are warmed up with a fruity aroma and gently massaged with a touch of spices.

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Tequila: Mijenta Reposado

Mijenta is a luxurious artisanal tequila in small quantities from the highlands of Jalisco, which only uses mature, certified Blue Weber Agave from the region. You launched Mijenta Blanco in September 2020. After the success, Mijenta Reposado will follow at the end of the year.

Mijenta Reposado matures in oak barrels and has a wonderfully fragrant aroma of sweet, nutty, floral and earthy notes. It is full-bodied and yet smooth in taste. The quality is exceptional and you don’t have to pour a lot to get the strength and flavor, resulting in a long case life. Mijenta Reposado is best served pure, on the rocks or as a nightcap cocktail.

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Whiskey: High West Barrel-Finished Old Fashioned

High West, Utah’s first distillery since the 1870s, blended the perfect ready-to-drink bottle of Old Fashioned, made from blends of bourbon and rye. It ages in used rye barrels for a rich, smooth finish and with Demerara simply added syrup for sweetness. It’s delicious on the rocks, with water, or garnished with lemon and orange for some zest for life. High West also produces a ready-made Manhattan that is equally delicious and contains two types of vermouth.

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Aperitif: House Spiced Cherry

Being on a journey to wellbeing doesn’t mean compromising on fun. Haus is the product of a third generation family of winemakers from Sonoma County who have set themselves the goal of making better spirits from whole ingredients. The new Spiced Cherry combines Bitter Clove, Peach Passionfruit, Citrus Flower, Ginger Yuzu, Lemon Lavender and Rose Rosé in a range of liqueurs with a slight alcohol content and complex aromas from fruits, herbs and plant substances.

They’re perfect on their own or with soda and tonics, and this particular release features a wonderful combination of sweet and sour heirloom cherries, wild cherry bark, and warm spices. It’s the ideal winter toast companion, and you can even warm up and enjoy by the fire.

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Brandy: Bhakta 50

The king of brandy, the Bhakta 50, comes from Raj Bhakta. It is a blend of eight rare Armagnac vintages between 1868 and 1970 (the youngest is 50 years old and the oldest is 152 years old), which were made in Islay whiskey casks . There are only 38 kegs, each treated as a separate version with different vintage blends, flavor profiles, proofs, names and stories. You are basically getting a really exquisite collector’s item that is second to none on the market and makes a good addition to any premium cabinet.

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Coffee and cream liqueur: Sōmru’s coffee and cream liqueur

Why don’t you try long with Bailey’s fans? The Indian answer to coffee cream liqueur is based on ‘Kaapi’ and is made from coffee and chicory, with milk cream from Wisconsin, USA, and five times distilled Caribbean rum. The drink is all natural, preservative and gluten-free and tastes arguably better than the traditional Bailey’s . It’s silky, creamier, and has a cute latte finish.

This can be served over ice or mixed into cocktails, it can be used to flavor coffee and hot chocolates, and can even be poured over sundaes. The liqueur comes in a rose gold bottle that looks great in any showcase.

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Bourbon: Flaviar Corn Trooper 2020 United Craft Bourbon

Bourbon lovers are in heaven with Flaviar’s Corn Trooper 2020 United Craft Bourbon, an all-American blend that combines seven craft bourbons from seven different US states into one delicious, mixed bourbon. With bourbons from Texas, New York, Washington, Colorado, South Carolina, Michigan and Kentucky, this is definitely a unique, harmonious and very American mix.

Expect notes of maple syrup, oak, vanilla, banana and green olive, which are underlined by a spicy character of cinnamon, ginger, orange peel, dark cherry and apple peel.

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Tequila: Reposado volcano

The Reposado of Volcán de Mi Tierra was founded in collaboration with Jalisco’s prominent Gallardo family. It combines tradition with innovation and provides a seamless connection between agave, terroir and wood. Like the Mijenta Reposado, the Volcán Reposado has a smooth but rich taste with toasted tobacco notes, but what makes it stand out is that it contains hints of citrus, honey and pineapple.

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Spiced Rum: Candela Mamajuana

Candela is the ultimate expression of Mamajuana, the centuries-old indigenous drink of the Dominican Republic. It is a smooth blend of fine Dominican rum, natural spices and honey. Rum drinkers will appreciate that candela is made from rum, which is distilled from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice instead of molasses. The top notes of rosewood, oak and honey are found alongside a soft taste with a long, sweet finish. Experience on the rocks or in cocktails. Bottom up!

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