Porsche Taycan dethrones Tesla Mannequin three because the quickest EV to cross the USA

On December 31, 2020, some EV fans set a new EV record for a cannonball run in a Porsche Taycan 4S. The group beat the previous record held by a Tesla Model 3 Long Range by 51 minutes.

The Cannonball Run is a legendary and illegitimate cross-country road trip race combination in which the drivers try to get from New York to Los Angeles as quickly as possible.

It was first developed to protest the growing number of speed limits being applied on US roads. Since traffic safety is more important than ever, the concept is out of date and should no longer be tolerated by anyone.

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Although the format isn’t quite dead. Modern drivers are now using the concept to test the range of electric vehicles (EV) and to set specific battery-powered records for the transcontinental crossing.

It may not sound like a massive feat; The combustion record is well under 30 hours and the Porsche is, after all, a fast car. However, the Tesla has the advantage of a robust and plentiful supercharger network and a greater range between charges.

To dethrone the Tesla, the Taycan drivers used the Electrify America charging system. If the network chargers are working optimally, they can deliver up to 350 kW to the Porsche. This makes it the fastest charging electric vehicle in the world.

Porsche says that under optimal conditions this is enough to achieve a range of 100 km in just five minutes.

Tesla’s V2 compressors reach an output of 150 kW, and the V3 compressors deliver a peak output of 250 kW – a 350 kW V4 unit is in the works.

Check out Out of Spec Motoring’s time-lapse video to see how it went. A full road trip report is in preparation. So keep your eyes peeled for a closer look at what it takes to get around the US in an electric vehicle in two days.

It goes without saying that we do not approve of the illegal components of this record attempt. However, it should give enough food for thought to those who say it is impossible because the infrastructure is not good enough.

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Published on January 8, 2021 – 10:11 UTC

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