The 10 coolest devices from CES 2021 to date

Even in a virtual environment, CES 2021 remains the zero point for innovation. For the first time, exhibitors, enthusiasts and the media are opting for virtual press conferences in narrow congress halls and casinos. Sure, it’s an online-only affair, but with 1,000+ virtual exhibits and 150,000 attendees online, there will still be tons of product announcements and tons of technology to empathize with remotely.

Whether you’re interested in TVs, games, 5G, robotics, or health and wellness technology, we’ve rounded up some of the best gadgets and gadgets from the online trenches of CES 2021. We’ll be constantly updating them over time.

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Samsung’s micro LED TVs are coming home

You may remember Samsung’s amazing micro-LED technology from years past as “The Wall,” a massive, modular system of LED panels that can be assembled as desired for commercial use. This year, the Korean tech giant is bringing home its micro LED panels in 110, 99, and 88-inch iterations, pre-assembled and simple enough to hang up. As Caleb Denison, Senior Editor of Digital Trends, points out, this is a breakthrough technology that is characterized by intense brightness, perfect black levels and all the functions you would expect from Samsung. ‘Nuff said.

LG teases its rollable smartphone

LG Rollable Smartphone

There aren’t traditionally many smartphones at CES, but given the global pandemic, all bets seem to be closed – Samsung will even unveil the Galaxy S21 on the last day of the conference. And while LG revealed details on its latest LG smartphones during its virtual presentation on Monday, it was a quick glimpse of the company’s rumored rollable smartphone at the beginning and end that caught everyone’s attention. In the video, the device switched smoothly from a smartphone to a tablet and vice versa within seconds – allegedly later that year. It was like a Marvel final credit scene.

Sparkling smart lights

Sparkling smart lights

Don’t lie: your Christmas lights are still on, aren’t they? This year, of all times, no one will accuse you. While Smart Lights are nothing new, the line of Twinkly Smart Lights announced at CES 2021 is. Twinkly’s latest app-controlled LED lights are out this spring and come in some pretty cool configurations, including a straight Twinkly line, a bendable Twinkly flex that can be rotated into words and shapes, and Twinkly squares that depict images, Pixel graphics and images can display more.

Belkin Boost Charge Pro 2-in-1 wireless charging stand

Belkin Boost Charger Pro

Since Apple announced its new MagSafe charging technology last year, there have been some cool accessories out there, but nothing special so far. Leave it to CES to move things forward. Mega accessory maker Belkin is throwing this sleek MagSafe iPhone charging stand into the battle to spice things up. At a reasonable price of $ 100, the Boost Charge Pro can charge two devices at the same time – your iPhone via the MagSafe pad that you can rotate in portrait or landscape orientation, and a Qi charging pad on the base for your AirPods (or other devices). .

Wondercise Multi-Point Motion Match practice system

Wondercise Multi-Point Motion Match

With home exercise equipment and systems exploding during the pandemic, we were expecting a lot of exercise technology at CES this year. The new Wondercise Multi-Point System focuses on tracking your form to not only ensure a great workout, but also to make the movements safely to avoid injury. It uses a bracelet and a newly added leg band, paired with a third point for three-point motion measurement. Their shape is the same as that of your teacher. The closer you mimic their movements, the more points you get. The system also monitors your heart rate, cardiovascular burn, and more.

Nobi Smart lamp

Nobi Smart lamp

Health and wellness technology that protects seniors is rapidly becoming an important industry as our population ages. The Nobi Smart lamp is one such piece of medically focused technology. The Nobi is a stylish looking ceiling light that can be networked throughout the house. It uses motion sensors and AI to provide various functions, including motion detection, which can trigger lights to turn on automatically to reduce disorientation and to illuminate the path. It also has intelligent fall detection that allows caregivers to be notified when a problem arises.

ColdSnap quick freezer

ColdSnap quick freezer

Every year there is at least one “Keurig of …” device at CES, and this year is no different. The ColdSnap quick freezer promises to conjure up everything from soft ice cream and frozen yogurt to smoothies and frozen cocktails handled in less than 120 seconds.

Petpuls AI powered dog collar

Petpuls AI powered dog collar

If Gary Larson’s far side comic is to be believed, a dog’s bark is just the one that says “hey!” basically everything. Not so according to Petpuls, an AI-controlled smart collar introduced at CES 2021 that uses speech recognition to decipher up to five different emotions (happy, fearful, angry, sad and relaxed). The Petpuls is touted as a Fitbit for your dog and works with a smartphone app. It also tracks your dog’s activity and sleep so you can make sure your best friend is happy and healthy.

Samsung JetBot 90 AI +

Samsung JetBot 90

Every year Samsung moves the needle a bit with its robotic technology at CES, and this year is no different as its robot vacuum game gets pretty tight thanks to the JetBot 90 AI +. Efficiency is the idea here as the JetBot uses AI and Lidar to scan the room for even the tiniest of obstructions so it can identify them so that it can control clearly and get the job done faster. In conjunction with the Samsung SmarThings app, you can use the on-board camera to set cleaning timers and restricted areas and even see your pets (and your spouse?) From the perspective of a bot. Check out what else Samsung has to cook at this year’s show.

Lenovo ThinkReality AR glasses

Lenovo ThinkReality at CES 2021

If you tried to find equipment like a standing desk, office chair, or second monitor when the quarantine began, forget about them. And now that the market has adjusted to us being at home, it is an understatement to say that the work-from-home segment is booming. Tech solutions like the Lenovo ThinkReality A3 smart glasses are still pretty untested in nature, but with the promise of projecting up to five virtual desktops with augmented reality, this could mean a pretty easy setup for the home office, regardless of whether you have a physical monitor or not. The ThinkReality glasses fit like sunglasses and work with Motorola smartphones and PCs via USB-C.

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