The final word information to being productive at house

Now that the digital age is truly upon us, working from home is becoming an integral part of thousands of employees around the world. And thanks to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has hit the world for a year, the number of people working outside of the office has already increased dramatically – which many believe will stay in place for the long term.

The pandemic appears to have acted as a catalyst for the inevitable, giving employers the opportunity to try something they were reluctant to research beforehand. But for all we know, it has worked extraordinarily well, and we could see the end of the business offices soon when the world finally moves online.

Several high-profile technology and finance companies, including Microsoft, Google, and PwC, have already indicated that permanent remote working opportunities will soon become a reality, and research by Zen Internet says there are many more companies around the world to follow.

Now that the digital age is just around the corner, working from home is becoming a staple for thousands of employees around the world

From flexibility to more autonomy, there are a multitude of benefits to working from home. However, one area that could prove to be more difficult to navigate is staying motivated throughout the work day. If you’ve been set up in your living room since the pandemic began, it can be difficult to keep an eye on the ball when you’re home teaching and the noise of the washing machine distracts you.

However, with a few simple tips, you can quickly remodel your work days to maximize productivity no matter your environment. This is where you start when you feel like procrastination is starting to prepare for success.

Prepare for success

The first thing to do when working from home is to set up a business-quality setup. An office space with a real desk prepares you for success and is critical to sustainable productivity.

Ideally, you can set up your work area in a room separate from the living or dining room. This creates a separation between your professional and daily life. However, if you need space, consider at least a room away from busy areas like the kitchen or TV.

When it comes to office equipment, don’t just put your laptop on a table. Invest in the desk and chair combo that is convenient for you to use in the office, and don’t forget to have a good quality monitor, printer, and good lighting.

The first thing to do while working from home is to set up a business-quality setup

Make a schedule and stick to it

A daily schedule is imperative to stay on track and minimize distractions. While you will undoubtedly have tasks and deadlines to complete during the work week since you are completely autonomous, having a daily schedule will keep you focused and motivated.

The schedule you create for yourself doesn’t have to be complex. The easier it is, the more likely it is that you will stick to it. Keep things realistic and break them down into subtasks if necessary. This gives you a sense of progress during the work day and helps you stay out of danger zones like multitasking.

Minimize distractions

Speaking of distraction, there is only one way to minimize distractions while working from home. This is the advice from Rui Ferreira, a poker player from Portugal, who says we should “simplify everything”. Set a time to wake up and stick to every day that you work from home. Prepare your breakfast and lunch well in advance and block large periods of time in your work day by making a commitment to stay productive.

When most of your work is done remotely on your computer, you need to watch out for the social media spiral. Don’t fall into the trap of wasting time on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Allow yourself to check your personal profiles before you start work and during your breaks, but close those tabs and put your phone away when it comes to work hours.

Don’t forget to take care of your health

Watch your health

It is easy to get into negative habits from home. When you’re so close to the kitchen, for example, it’s tempting to eat more than usual. Don’t forget that the more you prioritize your wellbeing when you go to work, the greater the productivity.

Make sure you leave the house during your work day. Even a short 25 minute walk can freshen you up and give you time to clear your mind. Eat healthy, brain-boosting foods like nuts and seeds and drink at least two liters of water a day.

Working successfully from home requires effective time management and discipline. While it can be difficult to find your rhythm while adjusting to homework for the first time, you are well on your way to becoming an extremely productive “homepreneur” by following these tips and setting firm boundaries around that to ensure a perfect work-life balance.

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