The highest three digital tendencies to see over the subsequent 5 years

The online world has been booming in recent years, and with every year that goes by, more people conduct their business, social life, and almost everything else online. And thanks to the unexpected pressures of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we have been forced to make long-term changes to the way we live and work, which has only helped accelerate growth in a number of online areas.

From video conferencing to online shopping, we rely on the internet more than ever today – and whether or not the pandemic ends in the coming months, the changes we saw in 2020 are likely to be here stay.

In addition to some nascent trends emerging over the next five years this year, we can expect some new ones – in addition to these areas continuing to grow.

So what are the biggest online trends that we can expect to gain momentum by 2025?

The growth of streaming

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From Netflix and Hulu to Amazon Prime, the spread of online streaming services has grown rapidly in recent years, and many now prefer such services over terrestrial and Freeview TV. This modern method of transferring data in a continuous flow has enabled millions to overcome the boredom of the lockdowns and restrictions that 2020 brought and to keep the crowds entertained when the official advice was “Stay Home for Life to rescue”.

Numerous different services have emerged in recent years, each offering a unique selection of television series and films for viewers to watch when they need to. One of the biggest challenges with this year’s bans was that streaming services continued to produce fresh and compelling content to keep viewers motivated, as it was a tougher task than usual with the social distancing rules in place. According to experts at popular streaming hub ScreenBinge, the best is yet to come.

“The market for online streaming services is booming and we expect it to continue growing for the next five years and beyond,” said Salman Ahmed, Senior Author at ScreenBinge. “With more services available now than ever before, it is critical for everyone to make a difference. At ScreenBinge, it is very important to us that we have the best streaming options in order to give our audience every opportunity to access their favorite TV shows and movies from anywhere, regardless of the geographic restrictions on the content, and we are constantly adding new options so that there is always something exciting to see. “

Improved video conferencing

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While Skype has long been an internet staple for business and international friends, we’ve seen a number of modern video conferencing services in recent years, many of which are aimed at facilitating better business meetings and targeting larger organizations.

In the early days of this year’s Covid-19 pandemic, Zoom really came into its own, becoming the lifeline of friends, families, and businesses when we all had no choice but to stay home and social distancing rules meant we were no longer could meet face to face.

Even so, it wasn’t without its drama, and reports of hi-jacking through joke surfaced throughout the year. With that in mind, it is clear that there is still a long way to go to make such platforms as robust as possible, and competition will continue to drive innovation over the next few years as services vie for first choice.

The advent of super-safe Vidicue is a prime example of this. In the past few weeks, Zoom has announced that Slack-like features will be added to its platform soon. As we move into 2021 and beyond, we can expect such innovations to continue, especially if the likelihood of school and university teaching being partially online and working from home in the long run – which has become the new normal in 2020 – largely is here to stay.

Increased demand for detailed Dataviz

Never before has the need to create visualizations of scientific data been greater than it was in 2020, and this year it has helped scientists, the government and the public understand complex images of the Covid-19 pandemic in a simpler and more digestible way Wise.

Dataviz designers everywhere have been asking for their spotlight, and their innovations have allowed us to see exactly how the pandemic has spread – but it wasn’t all doom and gloom, and Pentagram released their Happy Data visuals to ins To shine the spotlight on some of the good that happened in the world. From the number of vaccines being developed around the world to the increase in the number of volunteers helping out during the crisis, this is a great example of the opposite side of the coin – and for 2021 and beyond, the demand for visualization in the EU The current climate should continue to grow.

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