Tom Brady admits he was confused and did not know he completed fourth throughout the Bears sport

Tom Brady is finally clean: he lost track of the lows during the Buccaneers’ Thursday Night Football defeat by the Bears in October.

Brady admitted in a TikTok that he thought he had another one to come after his fourth and sixth passes downfields to Cameron Brate were incomplete.

“Fourth quarter, last chance in Chicago – I thought it was the penultimate chance in Chicago, but apparently not,” said Brady. “I don’t think I’ve ever been as confused as I am at this moment.

This slip led the Bucs to a 20-19 defeat and dropped them to 3-2 in the season.

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Brady’s potential mistake was a hot topic of discussion at the time. As you know, he showed the referee four fingers with a confused expression on his face. It was obvious he couldn’t count the downs anymore.

Of course, neither Brady nor coach Bruce Arians were willing to admit Brady’s mistakes at the time. Arians said of the depths, “Yes, he knew.” Meanwhile, Brady’s statement didn’t specifically say he forgot about the down and instead focused on the team that needed to get within field goal range quickly.

“I knew we needed a bit and I thought about more yards and then it was just a bad execution. We had a great opportunity there. So we just didn’t run when we needed it, ”Brady said in response to a question.

“Yeah, we just got, you are against time and I knew we had to win a part, so I should have thought down more first instead of thinking about it,” he said in response to the second question.

But since the season was good in the rearview mirror and the Bucs had emerged as Super Bowl champions, Brady couldn’t reveal this now. It was certainly a weird, inexplicable moment that few could rival during the quarterback’s storied 21-year career.

But hey, GOATs are also allowed to make mistakes.

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