Trey Burton defends Jaguar’s determination to signal Tim Tebow: “I do not perceive the outrage.”

Tim Tebow hasn’t gotten much love on his return to the NFL, but at least one player is standing up for the Jaguars’ newest close end.

Trey Burton, a seven-year-old NFL veteran and current free agent, recently said he had no problem with Jacksonville’s decision to fly over Tebow.

“I don’t understand the outrage,” said Burton, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler. “There are 90 [roster] Stains. If they want to bring someone in, why not? Many teams take up leaflets each year with men from different backgrounds. “

Burton’s last point applies particularly to the narrow end position. Every year in this position, NFL teams take risks with tall, strong, and fast athletes and see if they can shape them into anything.

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Antonio Gates, one of the greatest bottlenecks in NFL history, didn’t even play college football. He signed with the Chargers after a strong basketball career with Kent State. Jimmy Graham, one of the best bottlenecks in the last decade, also played basketball for four years and had only one year of college football experience.

More recently, Mo Alie-Cox, a retired VCU basketball player, has become an integral part of the Colts’ tight end rotation. That postseason, the Washington Football team signed former striker Sammis Reyes of Tulane and Loyola-New Orleans to battle for a spot on the team.

Burton himself wasn’t exactly a close ending when he enrolled in Florida. He was actually a quarterback but was moving to the tight end point because of his great athletic ability. That paid off for him as he got a strong finish with the Eagles and found success at the NFL level. Most notably, he was the player who tossed the ball to Nick Foles at the “Philly Special” game in Super Bowl 52.

And Burton believes Tebow has the athletic traits needed to be the next in a long line of quality-converted tight ends. It’s just a question of whether or not the 34-year-old can master the technique of playing the position.

“From a athletic and mental standpoint, there’s no doubt he’s going to do a great job,” said Burton. “It’s the everyday physical part, the technology, that is the most difficult.

“As a quarterback, you’re in your pocket looking at cover. At the tight end, you know the cover, but you have to go into overdrive in a three-point stance and diagnose. You see the linebacker, the defensive end, and safety on your side of the.” Feldes … There’s a lot more to it than whether he can or not. It’s deeper than that. “

If Tebow can develop quickly for the Jaguars, he would give Florida a reputation for turning quarterbacks into quality bottlenecks. They already have Burton and Jordan Reed, a former pro bowler who retired in the 2021 off-season, by their names.

Regardless of what happens, Burton will draw for Tebow as he tries to make it back to the NFL nearly a decade after his last regular season game.

“I really hope he does well. I love what he is about, how he plays the game,” said Burton. “There’s no doubt in the world he’s the type who tries to defy the odds. They say he can’t, well, he’s going to give it all he has.”

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