Turning into a Billionaire: How an Modern Startup Plans to Flip Tens of millions Into Billions for the Rich in 2021

Do you want to grow your wealth to billions in 2021? In the current economic climate, it could be a difficult time to do business – but the good news is that there are other ways you can improve your bank balance, and that doing so has the potential to be more fun than you might think.

Goobig digital competition platform, which is about to launch their website and mobile app, is a one-of-a-kind online competition that promises to create a billionaire and a whopping 58 millionaires this year alone – all you have to do is invest in one or more Goobig tokens worth $ 1,750 (or $ 1,500 with discount) and you can win it.

In addition to being your usual lottery, Goobig is aimed at wealthy people around the world who are not afraid to take a risk in order to boost their finances even further.

Led by London-based founder Dan Nwachukwu, this exciting UK-based start-up that aims to attract a huge international customer base from all over the world has been in the works for a year – and is now almost about to open its doors. A serial entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the finance, insurance and construction industries, Dan considers himself a futurist and tech evangelist and, as the founder of this groundbreaking new company, has big plans for the year ahead.

“The idea for Goobig came from me thinking about how many people must have spent time daydreaming or wondering what they would do if they had a billion dollars. It’s a question that I’ve answered hundreds of times in my own head that I really enjoyed – so I started thinking about what I would be willing to pay to give myself the chance to make this and this a reality here the idea for a competition began, ”explains Dan, explaining how the lightbulb moment came about.

With a background in sales, he’s no stranger to understanding how to present things in a way that people find appealing and is used to packaging everything he sells as more of an “emotion, a mindset.”

“I think the fact that most people have spent at least some time wondering or dreaming of being a billionaire makes it easier for them to remember those feelings when they meet Goobig,” he says .

“I think anyone who knows me would say I’ve always been an unconventional thinker. I’ve come up with so many business ideas over the years, and usually the process follows a similar path. An idea will come to me, I will first think about all the reasons why it is a great idea and why, when and how it will work, who it will appeal to, etc.

“I will then spend days and even weeks trying to find holes in the idea – and thinking about the reasons why it doesn’t work. I examine every aspect – from the person of the competition to the potential mistakes in execution and usually after a few weeks of testing an idea, the potential pitfalls would be severe enough to decide that the idea is not worth moving on and i would throw it away

“This was the first idea that made me think it was a worthy idea to pursue the more I thought about it. I actually think it’s the boldness of the concept that actually ensures its success. “

Goobig is the first competition of its kind that will create a billionaire with 58 millionaires along the way

It was an idea that skyrocketed, and Dan grew more and more excited about what it could offer an already affluent high net audience that would be different from the plethora of lotteries, online gambling opportunities and competitions already available.

“I think our audience is very specific,” he says.

“For someone to get involved with Goobig, they have to be incredibly ambitious and also very optimistic. I think a cynical, pessimistic person would refuse without thinking twice. Goobig appeals to dreamers, people who believe in themselves and support their own fortune. “

Dan believes such people are likely to be wealthy Millennials and Xs of the generation, many of whom became millionaires overnight in the early days of cryptocurrencies by taking a risk and investing in this little-known new phenomenon called the turning around later would turn her life 180 degrees.

“I believe that people with this kind of mentality attract other people with similar personalities. It was and is my firm belief that if we find a person who will choose Goobig, they will of course share the idea with their friends – who are mostly similar types of people. And through this word of mouth process, Goobig is quickly becoming a hot topic in WhatsApp groups, table discussions and ultimately on the networks of the people we target. I’ve seen with my own eyes that once this idea is put in front of this type of person, the answer is broadly, “How can I get involved?”

Dan invested heavily in the start-up right from the start to ensure that the idea was legally feasible before anything else. After approval, there was no turning back – and Goobig will go live in February.

There’s no denying that this is an exciting endeavor – but it is perhaps his audacity and unconventional approach to making billionaires that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Dan Nwachukwu is the brain behind the digital competition platform Goobig

“The idea is inherently unconventional. Instead of running away and trying to package Goobig as something safe and familiar, I wanted it to have an advantage, ”explains Dan.

“I wanted it to feel different. The longer I’ve sat on Goobig, the more I’ve imagined how at the end of the process I will crown a billionaire and what they will really mean. For a person, it means that they have become a billionaire because they spent less money than it costs to rent a studio in London for a few weeks! And when I think about it, I see Goobig as a kind of cheat code. An ultimate level. This is where all of the “codebreaker” and “hack the system” aesthetic comes from. “

“I am firmly convinced that there is no other competitive platform like Goobig. Is there any other competition that offers the chance to become a billionaire? Is there any other competition that has a 1/1000 chance of becoming a millionaire? “

Dan’s confidence in his endeavors is contagious, and when you talk to him it is impossible not to take his excitement as your own. Even so, he is certainly not blind to the challenges that lie ahead – and he has no plans to shy away from them.

“The problem with Goobig is that we’re new and aren’t a household name yet. This is our challenge. We will only achieve this by keeping our promises and creating millionaires and eventually billionaires. It may take some time – months, maybe even years – but I really think the world is ready to look at the lottery model differently and to use a platform where you really have a much better chance of winning. “

What does Dan plan for the next steps once Goobig has achieved the cult status he wants?

There are big plans for business in the years to come, that’s for sure – and with the Goobig Affiliate model that gives approved affiliates the opportunity to sell discounted GooTokens, this is more than just a competition. It also provides a viable source of income with the aim that GooTokens will eventually become a primary or additional source of income for thousands of people around the world.

Goobig is aimed at wealthy people around the world who are not afraid to take a risk to boost their finances even further

Dan is already in discussions with a number of influencers who he hopes will be able to introduce Goobig to a wide audience on their various social media platforms – most of which are Instagram, of course.

“In five years, Goobig can expand our affiliate network enormously, start and run many more competitions and expand into other areas, all of which will have an impact on Goobig – create a bit of a ‘Goo ecosystem’,” he says.

If you want to become a billionaire in 2021, there could be far worse things to do than invest your money in this exciting and burgeoning new start-up – with a probability of only 1000/1 to win a million or more compared to 1 out of 44 million in the UK National Lottery, some might say this is a no-brainer.

Dan ponders and shares a few final thoughts: “We can’t wait to crown our first contest millionaire – but especially our billionaire. Goobig will change people’s lives for the better in 2021 – no matter how much money they already have – and after a difficult twelve months that is certainly something to celebrate for everyone. “


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