Uber is increasing its low-emission driving choices to 1,400 different North American cities

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Uber will expand its Uber Green service in 1,400 new North American cities, including Austin, Calgary, Houston, Miami, New York, Tucson, Winnipeg, and Washington, DC, gives passengers the option of choosing to travel by electric or hybrid cars.

There is a $ 1 surcharge for passengers who choose Uber Green, half of which, according to Uber, goes to the driver to aid in using a hybrid or electric vehicle.

The other half goes towards Uber According to the company, the Green Future Campaign should enable hundreds of thousands of other drivers to transition to battery-electric vehicles by 2025.

The feature is also rolled into that Uber pass Member service offering these drivers 10% off green trips.

“This 2025 commitment is part of our longer term strategy to have 100% electricity in all major cities in the US, Canada and Europe by 2030 and 100% electricity in all cities by 2040,” said Uber, CEO. Dara Khosrowshahi.

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Electric promise

Uber has also announced new partnerships with companies to bring more drivers into greener vehicles, including:

  • Avis EV Rentals – Starting in Los Angeles, drivers can now use a zero-emission vehicle through Avis’ new EV rentals program, which is slated to expand nationwide in 2021.

  • Plenty of modular battery changes for EVs – – Starting this month, drivers in San Francisco will be able to hire a vehicle Plenty of technology and swap out your EV’s batteries in minutes, then get back on the road fully charged.
  • Extended discounts when charging electric vehicles with EVgo – A partnership with EVgo offers drivers exclusive savings on the Uber platform in over 800 locations in the US.

In September 2020, Uber promised By 2040, all trips booked through the platform worldwide would be made by electric vehicles or micromobility services such as electric scooters or rental bicycles. In Europe and North America, the target is expected to be achieved by 2030.

Uber is also committed to rewarding and supporting drivers who switch to electric vehicles, investing in multimodal transportation, making the climate impact transparent, and working with policy makers.

Some commentators have questioned Uber’s commitments, particularly with regards to whether self-employed drivers, often from low- to middle-income countries, actually have the financial capacity to upgrade to vehicles that are significantly more expensive than their gasoline and diesel counterparts.

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Published on January 26, 2021 – 10:14 UTC

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