Why is not Kyrie taking part in Irving? The newest updates as Nets Star are nonetheless lacking video games

Kyrie Irving’s 2020-21 campaign started with a bang. The Netzwache scored an efficient 26 points in a season opening win against the Warriors, followed by 37 points in a win on Christmas Day against the Celtics.

The 28-year-old averages 27.1 points, 6.1 assists and 5.3 rebounds per game, while shooting 50.4 percent from the field and 42.6 percent from the 3-point range. The problem? He only played seven games while his team played 12.

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Irving has not been part of Brooklyn’s lineup since participating in a January 5 competition against jazz. There has been rumor and speculation of Irving lately, but little specific information.

So what’s wrong with Irving? This is what we know (and we don’t know) about his mysterious absence.

Why isn’t Kyrie playing Irving?

The nets continue to list Irving as out for “personal reasons”.

Several reports have alleged Irving was sitting outside because he was upset after Donald Trump’s rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol. Irving and the Networks did not comment on these reports.

Brooklyn coach Steve Nash has spoken to Irving, but he’s kept saying that he doesn’t want to share details about his conversations with the six-time all-star.

“Ky is still on vacation and I will keep all communications with Ky between the organization private,” said Nash on January 10 ahead of a game between the Nets and Thunder. “I’m sure you will hear from him at some point.”

Kevin Durant, who joined the Nets with Irving in 2019, also declined to go into details.

“I’m not going to talk about Kyrie. I’ll let him do this for himself,” Durant said after the Nets Thunder game. “I’m sure you’ll see him soon when he comes back and we support him 100 percent and pray for the best.”

How many games did Kyrie Irving miss?

Irving has sat out four games so far and is likely to miss a few more.

  • January 7th around 76
  • January 8th against grizzlies
  • January 10 against Donner
  • January 12 against Nuggets

Irving missed a competition against Memphis on December 28th, but that had nothing to do with “personal reasons”. Both Durant (Achilles) and Irving (shoulder) were rated as “Injury Recovery”.

When will Kyrie Irving return to the nets?

It’s unclear when Irving will be back in action, not only because he didn’t provide an explanation for his absence, but also because he may have violated the NBA’s health and safety protocols.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Malika Andrews, the league is investigating a video of a maskless Irving celebrating what appears to be a family birthday party. If the video is confirmed to be up to date, Irving may need to be quarantined under the NBA’s COVID-19 guidelines.

Videos of Kyrie Irving have surfaced at a big birthday meeting with his sister Asia.

Kyrie’s sister and father have birthdays this week.

Given the size of the gathering and the public nature, Kyrie may need to go through a quarantine period before returning. https://t.co/McrYtFH9XK pic.twitter.com/U4T1KAvMTl

– Billy Reinhardt (@BillyReinhardt) January 12, 2021

Sean Marks, general manager of Nets, addressed the video on Jan. 12 with the following statement:

“We are aware of a video on social media showing Kyrie Irving at a family reunion. We are reviewing with both Kyrie and the NBA to see if health and safety protocols are being followed. Kyrie is out Away from the team for personal reasons. A date for his return has not yet been set. In the meantime, we will continue to focus on our organizational goals. Kyrie will have the opportunity to make up his absence when he is ready. “

Additionally, Wojnarowski and Andrews reported that there is “no belief” that Irving will return for Nets games played the week of January 10th. That would mean missing out on upcoming matchups with the Knicks (January 13th) and Magic (January 16th). .

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