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Enhance your home cooking with this bundle of STAUB cookware in a trendy, vibrant, mint green color. STAUB cast iron cookware is indispensable for both private and professional kitchens. Its versatility makes it easier than ever to prepare a wide variety of dishes at home.

The enamelled cast iron mold from STAUB is perfect for slow cooking of meat and vegetables up to tender perfection and for cooking hearty stews and soups. Make sure that the cooking and caramelization are even. In addition, you can serve straight from the oven to the table!

24cm round cast iron cocotte Mint Green

The enamelled cast iron pan from STAUB and the pure grill made of round cast iron promote even heat distribution for even browning and searing, which leads to perfectly juicy and tender meat, fish and vegetables. No boring magnet-based cookware is required as all STAUB cast irons are induction ready to fry, fry, braise or boil efficiently and are suitable for use on conventional heat sources and in the oven.

26cm cast iron pan mint green

The very first cast iron cocotte designed by Francis Staub was made in Alsace in 1974. Since then, STAUB has been the preferred cookware brand for professional and celebrity chefs. Culinary giants like Claude Bosi opt for the unique functions that the name STAUB can offer. The cookware is used by almost half of all Michelin-starred chefs in France, so it’s easy to see why STAUB is so popular in both professional kitchens and at home.

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26cm round cast iron Pure Grill Mint Green

Price offer:
– 26cm cast iron pan mint green
– 26 cm round cast iron pure grill mint green
– 24 cm round cocotte mint green made of cast iron

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