How to decide on the proper males’s marriage ceremony ring

Are you planning to tie the knot in 2021? With the big question already asked and the suggestion accepted, then it’s time to get down to the fun stuff – and from planning the perfect big day to choosing the rings, there’s a lot to do in the prep.

Men’s wedding rings generally get a little less attention than women, mainly because the choice is perceived as more limited, but in fact they come in a large number of designs and there is plenty to choose from for those looking for something out of the ordinary.

Men’s rings differ from women’s rings in that they are larger overall and have a wider band – but those aren’t the only features to consider when choosing which ring you will wear on your finger for a lifetime. We asked the experts at KLENOTA Jewelery to share their top tips for choosing the perfect wedding ring for men so that the whole process goes smoothly – because with such a big celebration you’re planning, one more task is sure to be a relief.

Buying your wedding ring is one of the biggest decisions you will make

Suitable or not?

The first and foremost question that you should ask yourself and your future spouse is how important it is to both of you that your rings match. For some it may be a matter of course that the rings should be identical, maybe just with a few extra gemstones for the lady – while for others, individual rings to match the style and taste of each partner are the better way.

Often times, when deciding on identical or very similar rings, a woman’s engagement ring serves as a guide in choosing the perfect design. Since women tend to wear both rings on the same finger, it is important that their wedding ring matches their engagement ring and fits perfectly under or around it.

However, if both of you would rather choose your own unique rings, then you can choose a connecting element for both of them to bind them together despite their differences. This can be achieved by choosing the same metal color or finish for both – inspiration for such combinations can be found in these wedding ring sets put together by some of the block’s top jewelry designers.

Metals that won’t let you down

When choosing wedding rings, quality matters – and choosing the right metal is crucial when choosing both women’s and men’s wedding rings. After all, it’s a piece of jewelry that simply has to stand the test of time. So if you choose a high quality metal that can withstand daily stress, it will be sure to last a long time.

Platinum is one of the most expensive options, but for good reason – it’s flawless, shiny, and will look just as perfect many years later. Whichever metal you choose, rings in all variations made of 14 carat gold are by far the most popular. For men, white gold rings are currently the most sought after, while yellow gold is a very traditional choice. Lately, more and more men have been opting for a more adventurous choice, with rose gold enjoying a moment – so if you’re not afraid to try something different then this might be for you.

Men’s rings differ from women’s rings in that they are larger overall and have a wider band

The finishing touch

Even if you go for a classic design, it doesn’t mean that you are limiting yourself to a plain gold ring with a smooth finish – in fact, there are several unique styles and finishes that will ensure your ring really feels to the touch. A matte texture may seem a bit unusual, but it’s growing in popularity as many men’s rings now feature a combination of matte and high-gloss finishes. To achieve this effect, the jewelry is sandblasted to give it a rougher feel – a perfect choice for those who do practical work as it can easily cover up light scratches and scuffs.

Tailor-made and unique

If you are looking for a novel design, you have several options. Consider combining different finishes to make your rings more distinctive, or opt for a striking black diamond or other stone to create a bold and impactful men’s ring. Many couples also choose to have each other’s initials engraved on their rings in addition to their wedding date – but this is where you can get really creative and pick a message or symbols that mean something to you as a couple for a truly romantic and thoughtful wedding Tapes.

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