How you can take pleasure in the costliest wines on a superyacht

Whether you prefer Cristal, Château Margaux, Dom Perignon or Domaine Leroy, your passion for the best wine will undoubtedly be an integral part of any superyacht experience for you and your guests. Combining a love of the most expensive wines with sailing on a grand scale is an essential combination that can be achieved thanks to today’s innovative wine storage solutions.

Mega yacht designers recognize that special wine storage is a necessity that provides this five star amenity to yacht owners and guests. Since fine dining goes hand in hand with the most expensive wine, oenophiles find ways to source, store and enjoy the best wines on mega yachts.

For an enhanced gourmet experience, these wines should be on hand for the duration of your time at sea. However, this can be difficult if the wines are not properly stored. Fortunately, there are options for sourcing and storing the best wines on superyachts, from a wine wall to a fully air-conditioned wine cellar with your personal collection or a selection of sommeliers.

Sourcing the most expensive wines

The crew on board a superyacht will likely include a sommelier who can source the most expensive wines to your liking, as well as several bottles that he or she recommends. The sommelier not only has extensive wine knowledge, but also knows how hard-to-find wines can be found in the world’s most popular super yacht harbors and how logistically fast delivery is to be ensured.

The sommelier can choose from the best wines in the region, among others on the preferred list of guests. Professional sommeliers say that certain wines, including champagne and rosés, are among those that do well on board.

Innovative storage on board for fine wines

Innovations in design and technology have enabled most mega yachts to have their own wine cellar or wine refrigerator on board. While not all superyachts may have actual wine cellars, many have an expansive, industry-standard wine cooler tailored to the needs of keeping the best of wines on board.

Given that even the most expensive wines can taste bad when exposed to changes in light and temperature, as well as movement and vibration, designing proper storage is a delicate and precise process. Wines that are jostled a little too hard can lead to sediments or loss of taste. To ensure the wines are kept in optimal conditions, storage facilities include a glass-clad wine cellar with computer codes for each wine. gimbal storage balls; Wine cabinets and showcases.

Innovative superyacht design

Making the best wine, be it the best wine or a superb superyacht, requires careful research, attention to detail, and knowledge of the craft. Mega yacht builders take all these aspects into account, use new technologies and develop innovative wine storage solutions for the best super yachts. Enjoy the best wines paired with the ultimate luxury superyacht cruise.

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