Mavericks Coach Rumors: Jason Kidd is a “lead contestant” and is supported by an unlikely supply

Could Rick Carlisle play kids or kids games?

The Mavericks are looking for a new head coach, and while the options in the current tire landscape aren’t entirely fascinating, ESPN’s Marc Stein reports that current Lakers assistant Jason Kidd is a “lead candidate” for the job.

To make matters even more interesting, former Mavs-now-Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle, speaking to ESPN’s Tim MacMahon, offered a public endorsement of Kidd for the head coach job on Tuesday:

I hope Jason Kidd will be the Mavs’ next coach because he and Luka have so much in common as players. I just think it would be a great situation for Luka, and I think it would be an amazing situation for Jason. I am the only person in the world who has coached these two guys and knows all of their special qualities as basketball players. For me it would be just a great marriage, but that’s an opinion.

Kidd has had a few league head coaching stops: he spent a single year in Brooklyn coaching the Nets, followed by 3 1/2 seasons in Milwaukee before being fired in mid-2018.

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Stein reported that Kidd has a lot of supporters in Dallas, mostly for what he gave to the organization as a player during the team’s 2010-11 championship season.

Carlisle’s motives for the statement are certainly questioned, but a source noted that Kidd has many fans within the franchise after helping Dallas win its breakthrough title in 2011. He was always certain that he would be heavily considered for the club’s first coaching post since 2008.

– Marc Stein (@TheSteinLine) June 24, 2021

I’m sure Jason Kidd appreciates Rick Carlisle’s support, but the reality is that Kidd has at least 2 powerful allies INSIDE the Mavs organization. They are @ swish41 and, yes, @mcuban. Since Kidd’s somewhat chaotic departure as a player, everything has smoothed out.

– Brad Townsend (@townbrad) June 24, 2021

Kidd is currently an assistant coach with the Lakers and is finishing his sophomore year with the organization. He was part of LA’s masterful team in 2020.

Of course, Kidd’s polarizing reputation and subpar results as head coach (183-190 overall) mean that Mavericks fans looking for greener pastures after Carlisle’s departure may still leave much to be desired.

Rick Carlisle just pours gasoline over the underdogs and throws a burning Hire Jason Kidd match over his shoulder as he walks away

– timed (@tim_cato) June 24, 2021

This segment triggers me.

Jason Kidd could be the smartest basketball man who ever lived, and hiring him through Mosley would be a bad decision in many ways.

– The People’s Tweeter (@RKonkle_Mavs) June 24, 2021

I can already imagine: The Mavericks hire Jason Kidd and fight at the beginning of the season when we see Luka getting angry at Kidd on the sidelines.

Meanwhile, Jamahl Mosley, for example, is hired by the pelicans and lets this young team flourish.

– Michael Mulford (@TheMulf) June 24, 2021

It really sucks when I have to play the optimist and talk myself into loving Jason Kidd as head coach

– All Things Mavs (@All_Things_Mavs) June 24, 2021

Jason Kidd has absolutely nothing on his résumé to instill confidence that he would be a good employee, but he has plenty of evidence that he would be a disaster

If you want a 2011 champion to coach the team, let Jason Terry do it

– Dallas Mavs World (@DallasMavsWorld) June 24, 2021

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