One of the best high-end freestanding and built-in ovens

One of the things that define a bespoke luxury kitchen is its appliances, and no kitchen appliance ranks higher than the oven. There are so many ways to just browse ovens alone – not to mention the added extras like separate steam ovens, blast ovens, microwave drawers, blast chillers, and wine storage – that it can be difficult knowing how to undoubtedly choose what will be the one King of your kitchen. Here we’ve researched the best high-end freestanding and built-in stoves so you don’t have to do this and we have come up with the final list.

Our guide to the best high-end freestanding ovens and built-in cookers

In bespoke kitchen design, an important factor influencing kitchen layout is whether you want a stove or prefer a built-in one. Many people choose hearth stoves because of their classic aesthetics, as well as the focus they create. This can be further emphasized by adding a canopy or a decorative element. In the past, the heart of a kitchen was a fireplace, the reach of which lay in the mantelpiece. Especially in a time at home, the natural evolution is that the stove is under the countertop.

However, today many people find it more convenient to have built-in stacked ovens. For anyone who cooks a lot, having the oven at eye level is much less groundbreaking – all you have to do is watch the Great British Bake Off attendees sit on the floor or bend over to look into their lower counter ovens, to see their drawbacks. When the ovens are in a stack, you can cook the food on a countertop or island. Just take a few steps and turn the pot in the oven. Checking your cooking progress is easy. There are also safety benefits of built-in chest-level ovens, as the oven door is not in danger to children and dogs.

One of the things that define a bespoke luxury kitchen is its appliances, and no kitchen appliance ranks higher than the oven

Note, however, that when choosing a built-in oven, you must also decide on a hob and consider where that hob should be positioned. Usually people prefer the oven and hob to be the same brand. So it is important to take this into account and research the hobs your oven manufacturer offers before deciding on either.

Some people may prefer to place their hob against a wall to allow more discreet and efficient extraction options via wall-mounted hoods. This also allows the chef to really focus on cooking without being distracted by other parts of the kitchen. However, other chefs may prefer to have their stovetop on the island so they can look into the room and feel part of the action.

So when choosing a stove, it’s not just about practicality – all luxury brands are powerful – but also about how you want the atmosphere of your kitchen to look. Would you like your oven to act as the focal point for the cooking traditions of the past, or would you like it to blend in as a neutral and abstract feature of a kitchen designed for the modern chef?

Add style, versatility and near-professional performance to your kitchen with a stove

Freestanding ovens: the best stoves

If you decide on a range, here is our selection of the best high-end freestanding ovens.

  • If your budget allows, La Cornue’s are some of the best herds out there. Their thick metal strips and large buttons instantly grab attention and form a centerpiece for the kitchen.
  • If you prefer a more discreet design, Lacanche is fantastic quality and may suit you better.
  • The ultimate statement stove is Officine Gullo – both the range and the built-in versions are fantastic. These stoves are highly recommended by the bespoke kitchen designer Artichocke – their handcrafted kitchens are often branded Officine Gullo, and the designer recognizes their commitment to quality, Renaissance style and robustness, why. They go with a more classic kitchen design and so may not be to everyone’s taste, but we believe they are some of the best high-end freestanding ovens on the market.

Consider whether you need a stove with a single or a double oven

Built-in ovens: The best stacked stoves

Here are the best built-in stack ovens.

  • Another statement brand is Wolf, which offers a wide range of stoves and built-in stoves. We particularly like the stacked ovens, which are a strong, modern design feature in a kitchen. The nice thing about Wolf is that their flocks work well in a contemporary setting, but also look beautiful when incorporated into a more traditional scheme. The built-in M series is particularly stylish.
  • Gaggenau is another great brand – like Wolf, their ovens are slightly wider than standard ovens – at 762mm instead of the standard 600mm. That greater width will likely require custom joinery, but it does mean that their stoves will look more proportional and impressive in larger kitchens. We value their commitment to form and function – the combination of cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship.
  • We can’t talk about high-end stoves and kitchen appliances without mentioning Electrolux Grand Cuisine. It’s this brand’s precision technology that really puts them ahead of the game, creating innovative products for professional chefs that get into the home kitchen quickly. For example, imagine the blast chiller that allows you to seal the freshness with a vacuum sealer after cooking and then chill to preserve with a blast chiller that can be easily heated with steam if needed.

Whether you are opting for a stove top to create a more traditional kitchen style or opting for a built-in stack oven that allows for a more contemporary and sometimes more convenient kitchen design, we hope this list has helped you decide on your ideal High -End stove. Remember – your oven and location are very personal choices. So take some time to think about how you plan to use your space before committing. How to create the kitchen of your dreams.

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