Paint the town gold with Annabel’s, Mayfair in London

Anyone who is someone would agree that Mayfair’s legendary and celebrated private members’ club Annabel’s displays the ultimate in brazen indulgence, brazen decadence and sultry sophistication that will lead you to more.

After three dark and punishing months courtesy of Lockdown 3.0, the April shower washouts and inferior temperatures had continued to put a bonanza on our outdoor affairs.

As a result, the dazzling, luxurious reopening of the hospitality industry on May 17th has rekindled the nation’s gastronomic spark. Feel at eye level on a scorching, desert-like afternoon with an icy-chilled, glistening peach bellini just picked from the tree – invigorating, lively, and damn delicious.

Along with an abundance of Michelin sanctuaries and five-star revivals, the famous Annabel’s had put their hearts and souls into a haunted royal reopening that embodied the climax of the Heavenly Rapture and celebrated the Austrian symbolist Gustav Klimt with a breathtaking recovery from his fabled Works of art at the beginning of its brilliant golden period.

Annabel’s diamond-studded silver spoon birth took place in 1963 in the silk domain of 44 Berkeley Square. It is founding father, Eton Goer and British entrepreneur Mark Birley who lavishly named this cherished house after his now-ex-wife, Lady Annabel Goldsmith. Daughter of the 8th Marquess of Londonderry and one of the most legendary beauties in London society.

The amalgamation of fashionable environments, sybaritic discretion, and a Debonair hosting team recruited from the capital’s most elite hospitality venues made Annabel the most sought-after travel destination with the nation’s greedy and dandelion royals, who even hosted Her Majesty in 2003 Queen Elizabeth II boasted. while she indulged in a smooth, dry gin martini.

It was then in 2007 when the millionaire mogul and mastermind behind the acclaimed Ivy Collection, Richard Caring, took over the reign and acquired the club with an enticing reincarnation, beginning with a new home in the cherished Grade I listed mansion in 2018 on Nov. Berkeley Square.

Born in Sweden, Martin Brudnizki was the indomitable Caring employee behind Annabel’s design aesthetic. His creative vision, mixing eccentric grandeur with mythical surrealism, has captured the hearts of blue-blooded society of this aristocratic quadrangle to this day as they bask between the ethereal backdrops of a pink onyx-backlit bar and vibrant hand-painted glass walls. Enjoy a spicy Beaty Pearl cocktail with pineapple.

For the remainder of May, Annabel’s continues to welcome discerning members and their guests to lose themselves in the hypnotic reopening spectacle inspired by the idolized artist Gustav Klimt. Klimt was considered a more introverted and discreet person who chose to unleash his feelings and expressions through his artworks, while turning his back on the art academics of the age whom he considered lackluster and worldly.

While his creations, with the main theme revolving around the female body and eroticism, were hotly debated, Klimt achieved during his “golden phase” through the use of 22-carat gold leaf in his works, in particular “The Kiss”, soon glittering successes.

This artistic odyssey begins the moment these jeweled shoes touch Annabel’s floor, enter the Arcadian Eden entrance under the archway of the Tree of Life, and glide through an intricate installation enveloped in shimmering, iridescent colors. Klimt’s paintings have the ability to evoke a mixture of hope, love and joy. To celebrate those emotions, Annabel’s has reinterpreted his most powerful works in the club’s restaurants and bars to enjoy, including his beloved Danaë and Medicine, with golden lashes of course.

In keeping with the emotional theme, Annabel’s also produced a captivating video with a chapter of imagery celebrating the human entity in art form and bringing some of Klimt’s most precious subjects to life in a range of haunting settings across the club.

Photo credit: Ben Carpenter

Visiting Annabel’s without trying her exquisitely curated cocktail preparations would be ridiculously absurd! A cocktail menu inspired by the aforementioned artist and his 24-karat hue was specially designed for this star-studded event.

Guests can enjoy a selection of Ambrosian potions, including the Judith, which combines the rich fruit intensity of Hennessy Cognac with the sweet herbal mix of Galliano L’Autentico and a dash of spiced paprika, all with the glitz and glamor of what you guessed it to be , it is crowned, gold.

Annabel’s case deserves nothing less than its title as the Great Lady of Mayfair, with its impeccably polite and polished hosts, sublime gastronomic menus and immaculate milieu décor, not to mention that this crocodile-based bathroom adorned with mosaics is the Instagrammable ecstasy the high society has stepped up to revolutionary sizes. As the nation continues to enjoy its freedom from the grip of the lockdown clutches, Annabel waits to host the capital’s most respected skin moons with a hypnotic golden escapade that will never be forgotten.

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Address: 46, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, W1J 5AT
Phone: 0203 915 404

Photography (excluding drinks) courtesy of Paul Farnham

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