Phillies supervisor Joe Girardi explains the choice to have Max Scherzer checked for sticky issues

Say it’s not like that, Joe.

On Tuesday evening, the second day of the comprehensive enforcement of the MLB’s new guideline against pitchers, the Performance Enhancing Sticky Stuff (PESS [we just made that up]).

While Scherzer was checked twice by the referees, Phillies manager Joe Girardi had Scherzer checked again, which led to Scherzer being visibly upset and a small scuffle later in the game.

The Phillies manager justified his decision to have Scherzer re-examined after the loss:

“I’ve seen Max a long time, since 2010,” said Girardi after the game. “Of course he’ll be a Hall of Famer. I’ve never seen him the way he did tonight. It was suspicious to me. He did it four or five times. It was suspicious. I don’t want to offend anyone. I just have to do the right thing for our club. …

“I didn’t challenge the club. Some coaches yelled at me, coaches I know, and it bothered me. I don’t play games here. I respect the people over there, I respect what Max did Has.” in his career. But here, too, I have to do the right thing for my team. “

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Girardi’s decision to have Scherzer checked ticked off the Nationals ace and eventually led to a fight between Girardi and the Nationals, with Girardi being thrown for the 40th time in his managerial career.

Scherzer said he would go to his head to get some moisture from his sweat so he could grab the baseball better.

Girardi said ahead of the game that it would be “silly” to ask the referees to check the pitchers for technical reasons, which means he was genuinely convinced Scherzer had something with him.

It’s worth noting that Phillies manager Joe Girardi said before the game he wouldn’t ask a referee to check a pitcher for technical reasons. “I’m not going to play games. This is silly. Only when you see something unequivocal will you probably ask her. “

– Todd Zolecki (@ToddZolecki) June 23, 2021

The Phillies and Nats will continue their series on Wednesday afternoon.

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