Raiders’ Josh Jacobs apparently trolled fantasy soccer homeowners earlier than taking part in in opposition to Colts

Josh Jacobs must have played against himself in fantasy football or else he has had some really rude encounters with fantasy football players.

Jacobs went to his Instagram story on Sunday afternoon to write that he doesn’t play on Sunday afternoon before directing a middle finger emoji to his fantasy owners. The announcement coincided with the fact that Jacobs was classified as active by the Raiders after his questionable day due to an ankle injury. But Jacobs went through his usual pre-game warm-ups, and less than two hours after posting on Instagram that he wouldn’t play, Jacobs carried the ball to Las Vegas.

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To give Jacobs the benefit of the doubt, there is always the possibility that he briefly misunderstood his active / inactive status, leading him to post that he didn’t play. But the middle finger emoji in the follow-up post suggests Jacobs knew exactly what was going on.

Fantasy football players are not known to be the most comfortable with players who let their teams down. Jacobs missed week 13 with his injury and may have kept some fantasy players out of their playoffs that start in week 14 in most leagues. Chances are Jacobs got some vitriol on social media after his absence and chose to play the game right again.

Whatever the reason, it was beyond dispute that Jacobs was actually playing when the Raiders got the ball early in the first quarter. The first game in Las Vegas was a two yard carry for Jacobs. On the next run of the Raiders he got two more stretches for 19 yards.

Jacobs left Instagram tale while on the field for the Raiders. His fantasy owners are likely waiting to see what Jacobs has to say for himself after the game, either in his press conference or back on Instagram.

In the meantime, people on Twitter weren’t keen on Jacobs’ trolling.

Josh Jacobs is dead to me. Forever out of my circle of trust

– Ryan Rasmussen (@ RyanRasmussen2) December 13, 2020

Josh Jacobs lied to me in fantasy and I will never forgive him.

– Eric Jensen (wearing a mask he loves 🏈) (@ Eric18utah) December 13, 2020

As a Josh Jacobs owner, the trolling of all of us honestly made me like him more. Honestly, he’s only here for the memes

– Noah Yamashiro (@noahyamashiro) December 13, 2020

I know it’s stupid to complain about fantasy football. I know that. But there are guys with 10, 20 and even bigger buy-ins for some fantasy leagues. This asshole millionaire is out here actively screwing up lineups for guys just trying to have fun. @iAM_JoshJacobs

– Pachem (@ PHarr13) December 13, 2020

Why would Josh Jacobs do this to his fantasy owners – what a raider

– Pops (@ mano_52) December 13, 2020

Josh Jacobs wrote on IG that he wasn’t playing and I put him on a bench. It turned out that he was trolling and playing fantasy owners. A little pissed off as these are the playoffs and I’m playing #FantasyFootball for money

– SANTA SZN @ (@tballdadben), December 13, 2020

Josh Jacobs’ real troll that year was a round one bust.

– Cody Alexander (@AlexanderSnkrs) December 13, 2020

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