Rich individuals select quicker and higher care for personal hospitals over public hospitals

As the Covid-19 pandemic increased without bias around the world, hospitals quickly turned their attention to those with severe cases of the virus. With unprecedented patient numbers in some countries, their focus was forced to shift to the urgent care those sufferers really needed. While no one could deny that the work of health care workers was downright heroic while most of us just had to stay at home, concerns have been raised about what happens to people suffering from other diseases, be it? they knew about them or not.

The advantages of a private hospital versus public hospital were highlighted during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, as minor procedures and surgeries were canceled and appointments were canceled while wards filled with Covid-19 patients. All of a sudden, people who were due for treatment have been put back on waiting lists and many stay there months later struggling to get the medical care they need. Instead, they will have to endure the symptoms and ailments of their condition or illness while some people may not even have been diagnosed.

This is the scenario in public hospitals in the UK and around the world as government health systems creak and groan amid the worst global health crisis in over 100 years. The consequences of focusing solely on Covid patients can be felt for many years to come as long backlogs are worked off by patients and some tragically worsen or even lose their lives because they were not diagnosed or treated in time or were afraid to be seen. But if you can afford a private hospital or have health insurance, all of those troubles will go away in no time.

Care in a private clinic can often be more individual

What can you expect in a private clinic?

The immediate advantage of a private hospital over a public health system is that there are hardly any waiting times. If you want a procedure, there is no way you have to wait many months, or even up to a year or more – as some public hospitals do – to be seen. It can basically be like putting your life on hold until the appointment finally comes about. For busy people who might be running their own business, this is just not an option.

Instead, at a private clinic, you will most likely be examined by a specialist or advisor shortly after the appointment is made. It can even be the same day or the next, so all worries and frustrations about long waits are gone. Private hospitals may also have medical staff, especially counselors, who are more educated and qualified because they are attracted by the higher salaries on offer. This means that if you have an illness or ailment, you will receive better medical care and possibly recover faster.

This support is very individual. Doctors and nurses in private hospitals can take more time for their patients and care for them individually because they are not upset by many people, as in public hospitals. This is an important consideration for many well-heeled people as they want the luxury of discussing their problem in depth with their GP in order to get all the answers they need.

Having to go to a private hospital for treatment can often be less chaotic and less stressful

The luxury of a private hospital

Having to go to the hospital for treatment is less stressful and can even be a little comfortable if your surroundings are luxurious and not too clinical and drab, which can make you feel even worse. Private hospitals can sometimes resemble hotels in that they care for a comfortable environment with an attention to detail and provide the kind of first class patient care they can provide.

If you stay for several nights, for example for an operation, instead of a crowded ward you have a private room that is tastefully and comfortably furnished. Unappetizing-looking meals in plastic containers will most likely not be available either, because a private hospital will go to great lengths to serve delicious meals to patients that are almost gourmet. You might even have a dedicated chef to cater to your every culinary wish.

Especially for those on the go with opportunities to use time, time is money and it is best not to worry about your health and wait for medical intervention.

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