We’ll see the highest high-end hair traits for girls in 2021

Suffice it to say, given the newly introduced Covid-19 lockdown regulations we face as we head into the new year, things look a little “hairy” (if you’ll excuse the pun). And with hairdressers now being forced to close until further notice and many of us facing canceled appointments even though our locks could use a much-needed makeover, it’s a sad time for those of us who normally see our hair as our crowning glory .

Even so, current restrictions won’t last forever and you’ll be sitting back in the capable hands of the creative director at your favorite luxury salon before you know it – which means freshly cut and colored strands will transform your look from relaxed lockdown chic to your accustomed sophisticated style .

While you might have to wait a bit, there are a multitude of dreamy high-end hair trends to look forward to right now – and knowing what looks you’re going to wear in 2021 means you’re one of them first to catch up on the latest trends once things get back to normal.

And since garden parties and cocktail receptions are expected to be on the program again from summer and the long-awaited return of conviviality is imminent, there are many ways to dress up to the nines and show off your new look.

From edgy cuts and seamless hair extensions to dreamy coloring techniques, there are some exciting things to do in the world of hair in 2021. These are the high-end trends that you should keep on your radar.

The pixie cut trend returned in 2020 with an added benefit, and while some might argue that it was the only solution during lockdown and with limited access to hairdressers, the style-conscious know better

Rose brown hair

When the rose gold hair trend popped up in the word of high-end hair a few years ago, numerous celebrities – from Kate Moss to Sienna Miller – could be seen advocating the look. This pretty, but fleeting shade was quite a statement at the time, but due to the high maintenance requirement, the trend eventually faded as quickly as the shade itself.

Come in, rose brown – the 2021 answer to this glamorous shade. Brunette manes are subtly seasoned and offer a low-maintenance alternative to their predecessor. It will be the shade seen this year and it will add dimension and interest to block colors and highlighted hair alike.

Pixie cuts

The pixie cut trend returned in 2020 with an added benefit, and while some might argue that it was the only solution during lockdown and with limited access to hairdressers, the style-conscious know better. This short and choppy endeavor will remain a key element in 2021, a year when manageable manes and the return of stylish sociability will collide.

Long and shiny

On the other end of the spectrum, long and flowing locks are the dreamy look to see this summer – and considering that most of us will have them by default at this point, it’s just as good.

Long and flowing locks will be the dream look to see this summer

But what if you are not gifted with quick hair growth and have been seriously trying to grow out that bob for the past five years? Help is underway. Hair extensions – like the seamless Remy clip in hair extensions – will give you the length you want and add silky smooth strands that no one will ever know aren’t natural.

While clip-in hair and invisible hair extensions used to be best avoided, times have officially changed and these days they look just as good as the original and are beautifully discreet too.

Pearl accessories

Nothing screams glamor like a pearl necklace, but in 2021 we will wear it in a whole new way. Beaded clips and slides are a quick and easy way to add a little shine and shine to the simplest of up-dos or new clip-in hair. They are the perfect partner for the long-awaited evenings in the casino or champagne bar in 2021.

Smoked marshmallow

There is no doubt that 2020 was the year that lived hair came into its own, and although it was once thought of as an unkempt look that was a far cry from the red carpet glamor, these days it’s gotten as stylish as possible.

In 2021, the “smoked marshmallow” trend will dominate, which includes brunette roots that gradually fade to platinum blonde. The combined use of low lights and high lights resulted in a seamless and multi-dimensional look that will be the New Year’s most sought-after color choice.

Side fringe hairstyles are back in 2021, whether your hair is long and layered or a short bob

Mushroom brown

Blonde not your color? Then opt for the cool and extremely glamorous mushroom brown instead. If you add a multi-dimensional vibe with a subtle blend of brown and gray to create a unique and ashy hue, this is the perfect way to add extra appeal to brunette locks in 2021 – and we come first for one in the queue.

The margin

Do you remember the dramatic side effects we all had in the nineties? Well, they’re back for 2021 – but this time around, they’ve had an extremely nifty makeover, meaning they’re a lot less youthfully emo and a lot more lavish and luxurious.

There was a reason we loved them in the first place – together with the new colors, styles, and accessories of the season, they look way better than the first time.

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